Review: IOPE Air Cushion XP

It’s mournday again… It’s even more mournful after a long weekend where I did absolutely nothing except sit in front of the PC, prop my legs up and devour episodes of Masterchef while munching on potato chips and pretend that they were risotto/frittata/paella and what-nots. nom nom.

Since I clearly stewed in my own rancid atmosphere of hermit-ness for many hours, I don’t look my best today. Which is why, my beloved readers, I will be bringing out (and showing you) the creme de la creme of my BB cushion army. Yes, today, I will show you the BB cushion that has trumped even the Hera UV Mist Cushion (sorry Shin Min Ah, you know I still love you nong time – smoochies smoochies-)

IOPE Air Cushion XP (7

IOPE Air Cushion XP

IOPE Air Cushion XP shades 2There are five shades in total

IOPE Air Cushion XP (8

IOPE Air Cushion XPMy IOPE Air Cushion XP in C21 Cover Vanilla – KRW38,000 (comes with an extra refill)

IOPE Air Cushion XP (1)Click on the photos to enlarge and see the bb essence goodness 😀 I’m using the IOPE Air Cushion XP C21 Cover Vanilla

IOPE Air Cushion XP (3)IOPE Air Cushion XP – C21 Cover Vanilla shade

IOPE Air Cushion XP (4)Comparing with my previous IOPE Air Cushion Sunblock Ex-Cover – both are C21 Cover Vanilla but can you see the difference? The new XP version blends so well into my skin.. oooh….

IOPE Air Cushion XP (5)And tis time for horror movie! See how the swipe nearly blends into my skin? And notice the ahmayyzzzing glowy finish?

IOPE Air Cushion XP (6)Isn’t the finish just ahmayyzzinngg? (sorry, bear with me as ahmayzzzing is my new catchphrase after watching too much Masterchef). Ignore the crazy dark eye circles though – as I’ve been repeating ceaselessly, I’ve been watching a lot of shows, which explains the crazy panda eyes.

I say…

You. must. buy. this. It is just ahmayzzzingg.

  • As with all BB cushions, it is lightweight and crazy easy to apply. Simply use the sponge to pick up the product and dab onto your face.
  • This one is super moist and gives a superb dewy glowy finish.
  • It gives fantastic coverage – my dark eye cirlces are about 2-3x worse than what you see in the photos.
  • There is no need to set with loose powder – the finish you see in the photos are only with nose bridge highlighter and blusher.
  • In fact, I find that it looks more cakey with loose powder, so don’t dust on any loose powder.
  • It lasts the whole day (about 6-8 hours) and is still dewy / glowy (note: not oily)
  • It is buildable and breathable and I can re-apply throughout the day without it caking.
  • It brightens up my skin (without the artificial 2-shades-too-fair effect).
  • If it helps to further cement your purchase decision, it also smells damn good.
  • I know it will sound exaggerated and vaguely ludicrous, but I swear that the first time I wore this out, more people (well, more than usual hurhurhur) turned around to check me out. yes yes, shameless plug on myself. And no, my fly wasn’t undone and I didn’t have a nose booger hanging out of my nose on that day either. I checked. hehehe.
  • At the end of the day, it’s also easy to remove (some products such as foundations require more cleansing effort).

There really isn’t much more for me to say than “BUY IT NOWWWWW”. It’s even better than the Hera one which contains clay and may not be that good for your skin (add-on: when I say not good for your skin, I forgot to mention that it absorbs oil, so if your skin is more dry, then it’ll come across as being drier. In contrast, this one adds moisture to your skin. In essence, clay is good for your skin and has been used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes for many centuries now). If you’re not headed to Korea anytime soon, you can buy it online from Mootta, a KBeauty and KFashion site 😀 They ship amazingly fast, and it comes extremely well-packed and cushioned in bubble wrap.

P.S. If your skin tone is slightly darker, you can also try out the new Sulwhasoo Evenfair Perfecting Cushion or its new and improved Evenfair Perfecting Cushion Brightening.

Added on 12 June: Since I’ve gotten a few requests asking for MAC shade comparison, I’ve managed to get my hands on some MAC products so that you can do a comparison. No colour editing done, photos taken indoors under normal sunlight.





102 thoughts on “Review: IOPE Air Cushion XP

  1. Hi, i have been a faithful reader of your blog for a few months now. I always look forward to reading your blog post on korean cosmetic products because i always find them so indepth. Due to your blog i have purchased many things which you have recommended such as Hera UV Mist and Face Shop eyelash curler.

    I am a bit disappointed because in the Hera UV Mist review, you didnt mention that it contained clay products which is bad for our skin. You just raved about it so I believed it and ran out to buy it after much deliberation between Iope, laneige and Hera. It seems that you rave about a lot of products but you never mention downsides which are just as important as reasons to why we should buy it.

    • Hi, sorry to hear about your disappointment.

      To be honest, I also did not know that it contained clay ingredients at the point of purchase nor at the point of review. When I wrote my review, I truly 100% believed that it was a great experience that I wanted to share with people who were looking for a good BB Cushion. It has also sold so many pieces and garnered a huge amount of beauty awards in Korea –?

      I only found about it about it sometime this year, after speaking with a Korean makeup artist. If I’d known about it, I would definitely have mentioned it – if you have been reading my blog, you’ll notice that I will mention the downsides if any.

      I also spent good money on the product / it was not as though I was sponsored to spew good stuff about it, so there was no good reason for me to mask any downsides.

      I have added on some clarifications to my blog entry to further elaborate on what I meant. Clay in general is good for your skin, but not good for dry skin. I have combination oily skin. I believe that the amount of clay in it is negligible – it’s not as though you’re piling on a huge amount of clay onto your face (by the way, clay helps absorbs oil and toxins –> you can google for the varying search results). It’s not as though there was dangerous stuff in there (which if there was, I’d also be exposed to).

      In addition, the reason why I seemingly only rave about the products so that I purchase selectively – I buy just the good stuff. If it wasn’t good it wouldn’t make any sense for me to spend my money on it, give it a bad review, and then set it aside. I hope you can see where I’m coming from and why I only seem to rave about the products reviewed on this site.

      Hope this clears things up, and have a great day! 🙂

      • Sounds great! I am looking forward to your comparison and if you will be trying the upcoming Hera XP! I have oily skin and I like the Hera UV Mist but it doesn’t always last that long in summer!

  2. Hi!!! Great to see your reviews (as usual), thank you for sharing the hoh liao… =) Just wondering if u have tried or will be trying the face shop’s face it aura cc cream? the design resembles the o hui’s foundation… hehe…

    • Hey Xu Yin,

      Yes yes, I’ll be reviewing the The Face Shop’s Face It Aura CC Cream as soon as I receive it. I’m hoping to get it next week 😀 Meanwhile I’ve still got my Hera CC cream, Apieu CC cream and Missha’s CC cream coming up 😀

    • Hi Mizumia,
      Unfortunately, I can’t tell you if it will result in acne-prone skin breaking out, cos everyone’s skin is different. It’s like how 80% of my friends rave about Laneige Water Sleeping Pack but it gives me a major breakout for weeks. This IOPE Air Cushion XP has mineral water content though, so I’m not sure if that works better on acne-prone skin.

      • I see..thank you so much! Since you kindly replied me, can I know what is the difference between Air Cushion XP, Air Cushion Sunblock EX, Air Cushion Sunblock EX-Cover. I’ve seen you posted about an IOPE Air cushion before this too and which one you liked the most?

      • Ok basically Air Cushion Sunblock Ex is the sheer coverage, whilst Air Cushion Sunblock Ex-cover is the version with more coverage.

        The Air Cushion XP is a new and improved version of the Air Cushion Sunblock Ex (and Ex-cover), but still comes in the cover versions (C-shades) and sheer versions (the N- and S-shades).

        My current favourite is the IOPE Air Cushion XP, cos it’s an improved version of the previous ones. 🙂

    • The ex cover c21 has perhaps 5-10% more of a yellowish tinge, while the xp c21 has a rosier and more natural beige tint. In this case I think you should get the other types, the shimmer / natural finish ones. They have less coverage and will work better on evening out your skintone instead.

  3. hi, after seeing this one, i really don’t know which one to get between iope, hera and laneige now! LOL !!! I have combination/oily skin and n\need more coverage for my skin. Which one do you recommend for my skin type between those three? ( i honestly wanna buy all but my budget doesn’t allow hahaha)
    thanks for the review!

    • Hi hong le, at the moment my top recommendation would be the Iope XP but I hear that the Hera one has also come out with an XP ( or an improved version)… Will try that one out soon.

      Laneige has less coverage than Iope and Hera. If you’ve got a tight budget, go for Iope (₩38,000) vs Hera (₩50,000+). Combination skin also tends to look dry at parts, so Iope will give it the glow it needs. Hera’s clay ingredient will help keep skin matte but may make it look too dry at times 🙂

  4. May I know what MAC shade you are (just for comparative purposes)? I’m lemming to get either the hera uv mist bb cushion or this bb cushion after reading your reviews, but I’m not sure what shade to get. I’m around NC20-25, Etude house precious mineral cotton fit bb cream W13 ( the medium shade). Would the shade that you use suit me? Thanks for the help!! 🙂

    BTW, does this have better oil control than the hera one?

    • Hi Cherie, I don’t have MAC products but I managed to get my hands on a NW20 cover-up concealer from a friend and taken photos so that you can gauge. But judging from the colour I see, you may like to try the C23. I’ve uploaded the photos into my post so take a look? I hope it helps! 🙂

  5. Yuhoo! I’m back from Seoul and thanks to your advice prior to this, I got N21 for this IOPE XP Sunblock and now I’m loving it to the max! I’m super lazy to apply moisturizer and make up etc when in the rush every morning, think this suits super lazy person like me. After cleansing my face I’ll just apply this and go out! LoL strongly nt encourage for all to skip the basic skincare routine! I have dehydrated combi skin btw. This can even out my skin tone & helps to cover my pores. Oh! and with its sweatproof quality, I do feel some difference. Been using for a week and so far so GooD! Only worry is if it will clog my pores with its sweat proof formula etc.Coverage wise I feel it is gd enuf for someone like me who usually go barefaced to work 😉

      • Hi Peony, I’ve uploaded a couple of comparison photos with a MAC NW20 concealer product (that I borrowed from a friend) so that you can gauge. My makeup artist friend who used to work in MAC says that I’m a MAC NC15-20, so I’m guessing you may like to try the C23 instead 🙂 Check out the photos and I hope it helps! 🙂

  6. Hi dear,

    Thanks for the review! I asked my friend to get Laneige BB Cushion for me from Korea, but now I’m tempted to try this one too.. I’m totally new to this brand and I didn’t know they had a cushion too.

    So from what I know, Air Cushion XP has two versions, Natural and Cover in different shades. Do they have a major difference? I want to go for a natural look (not the feeling of being too cakey or heavy like a foundation but also not too sheer that it would feel more like a simple base). It says that Natural #21 has a pink undertone, but I have a slightly more yellow undertone.. While Cover #21 is said to have a natural beige undertone.. What would you recommend?

    • Hey hey, a lot of brands have cushions – just some to mention are holika, amore pacific, sulwhasoo, the face shop, hera (UV mist cushion v2), IOPE (also v2), elisha coy etc.

      Natural is natural minimal coverage, not high on the blemish-coverage factor. If you need more coverage, go for the Cover version. Both aren’t heavy – it’s just the Natural that is lighter.

      I generally try to avoid those with yellow undertones cos I don’t wanna look sallow, so Cover 21 has a nice faint rosy finish to it. It’ll fit your skin well I think – to balance out the yellow undertone. I didn’t swatch the Natural one, so I can’t say much on that…

  7. Hi! Do you think the shade of this IOPE Air Cushion XP C21 is similar to the Laneige BB cushion #13? Or lighter/darker? How about the texture? Which is more shiny?
    Was matched to NC20 for MAC previously. I feel Laneige #13 a little bit white for my liking but #21 def looks dull on me. -.-” I also find my t zone esp looks kind of oily after wearing it for some time w/o setting with powder. Thinking of trying this IOPE XP but unsure how’s the shade like. Hee.

    • Hi Ry,
      I also found Laneige #21 too dark for me and then switched to #13.

      I’ve tested them out and yes, the IOPE XP C21 is quite similar to Laneige BB Cushion #13.

      Both are equally lightweight.
      The Laneige one has less coverage and tends to oxidise towards the mid of the day into this slightly weird texture (note that I’ve got oily T-zone and dry cheeks).
      The IOPE XP has about 10% more glow and more coverage and doesn’t have that weird oxidisation effect.

      Upon application (within the first 3-5 seconds without blending or patting in), the Laneige #13 seems to be brighter, but then blends nicely into the skin.
      On the other hand, the IOPE XP is almost a true match for my skin colour upon application.

      My personal preference at the moment is for the IOPE XP, especially since Singapore is crazy hot these days and the makeup just melts off. I can touch up any time during the day, and it brightens up my skin tone (not those heavy cakey makeup type of feel), and it also has a nice cooling effect (prolly the same technology utilised by Laneige as well).

      Hope this helps!

  8. hi, i couldn’t wait for online delivery , so went to the shops to get the Laneige one instead… for the Laneige one, i do find the finish a little bit sticky , which requires loose powder to set. did you also encounter this too? coz from reading above, it seems you did not need to use LP to set the IOPE one.

    • Hi Peony, actually I prefer not to set any of my bb cushions with loose powder – I find that it creates a very strange finish several hours later.. kinda cakey flakey..

      I’ve stopped using the Laneige one for some time already, so I can’t remember if it’s sticky (or stickier) than this IOPE one. Will go back today and check for you 🙂

    • Hi Peony,

      I’ve tested them out – yep the Laneige finish is about 5-10% slightly sticker than the IOPE one, and this was tested on my hand which doesn’t have any sebum glands. It’s better that you dust some slight loose powder to set it, but very very slight, cos i realised that it has a tendency to oxidise slightly.

  9. Hi, thanks for the review, am new in this product and love it to the max!!!! 🙂
    Did you use moisturizer before using it and compact powder after that? Am using Air CushionXP C23

    • Hey Mary, sorry for the late reply as I was busy travelling – I use the Sulwhasoo First Care Serum, Skin Softener (emulsion), Sun cream, and the Sulwhasoo Luminature Essential Finisher before applying this Cushion. I don’t use powders to set 😀

  10. hello..thanks for this review. i am actually a bit dark. brown i would say. what shade suits me best? pls pls help!

      • Hey Winnie, sorry for the late reply – I must have missed your comment – perhaps you can try 23? If not, there’s also a men’s version of the IOPE Cushion that’s slightly darker than 23 (but not super dark). It’s a new launch and is essentially the same formula, but just in a darker shade 😀

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  13. Hi, i am using N21 laneige foundation. I am interested to buy IOPE air cushion XP but i am unsure of the color. Is laneige N21 similar to cover 23? Will appreciate for your help! Thanks! =D

    • Hi Elaine, If you’re using N21 for Laneige, you should be able to do 21 for IOPE as well, cos they’re both under Amore Pacific, and should therefore have the same shades. I think 23 might be a tad dark for your skin, but it’s still best to swatch it on your skin if you can get hold of a tester? 🙂 If you’re buying it online you can purchase it from MOOTTA.

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  15. Hi,
    I’ve very dry skin but am keen to try bb cushion products which is suitable? Laneige Hera or Iope ? tried etude house but little dry for me. Thx hope to see some cc cream comparison.

    • Hi Sapph, sorry for the late reply as I was busy travelling – I think for dry skin, you can try Sulwhasoo’s Evenfair Perfecting Cushion cos it has more moisture. CC creams are also quite moisturising but the coverage isn’t strong – you can check out my reviews of CC creams 😀

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  17. Hi Dalja! I bought the Hera UV mist after reading your blog and I really like it! Now this post made me so keen to try out the IOPE Air XP! However, as my Hera casing is still nice, I do not wish to waste it. Since you have both the products, do you think the IOPE refill pack can be fitted into the Hera casing? Appreciate if you can help me to check it out. Thanks dear!

  18. Hi Dalja, after reading ur post and i really want to try the air cushion. Based on the latest version, which is recommended? Iope, Laniege or Hera? I do have combination skin actually. At first i was thinking to get Hera but now i’m so confused. They only have 2 shades to choose from. I check with the lady at the laneige counter and i am suitable for laneige N21. So if i wan to buy the hera cushion, should i go for C21 or C23? If lope, what about colour shade? Which brand is strongly recommended? Need ur advise desperately…

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  21. Hi Daljia,,

    I have just discovered your site recently. Many thanks for the very helpful reviews. A quick question – do you think IOPE Xp cushion would be appropriate for some one above 49 years old with dehydrated skin? Ie would your mum use this item? In addition, if yes – would you recommend the Sulwhasoo version instead? Appreciate your opinion.


    • Hi Jessica,
      Apologies for the late reply as I was busy travelling – I think for drier skin, your mom can try the sulwhasoo Evenfair Perfecting Cushion cos it has a bit more moisture 🙂 the O Hui Cushion is pretty moisturising too.


    Shopping mall for Korean cosmetics. 30% Sale in March!!!

    IOPE, 3 Concept Eyes ( 3CE ), Etude House, Nature Republic, Su:m 37, Its Skin, Innisfree, Missha, TONYMOLY, Skinfood, Thefaceshop, Laneige, IOPE, Sulwhasoo, WHOO, Regen, Ryeo Shampoo, and a lot more

    • Hi hi, I’ve tried to clean my puff with a Sephora makeup cleansing soap, but I find that it never really cleans thoroughly, so I’ve just given up and bought several extra new puffs to replace. This comes with the casing + refill + puff, and an extra refill and puff. 🙂

  23. i use sand in giorgio armani, do u think c23 would be too light for me? my skin is more warm color compared to other asian girls

  24. Hi there! I stumbled upon your site (love it) while researching BB Cushions, and it appears you are an aficionado! My question is shade related, I got the Etude House Cushion in N02 and it is still too dark ( I am the color of paper). What cushion in your opinion has the lightest shade?

    • Hey Liz, apologies for the late reply cos I was busy travelling – I think you can try Espoir cos it seems to have the lightest shade. I had to go between 21-23 for that, and I’m usually a 13. IOPE is pretty fair as well 🙂

  25. I know this is an old post, but thanks so much for doing the Mac shade comparison. Now I know what shade to buy for myself. 🙂

    • Hi Marilyn, my skin is slightly on the oilier side, and it works fine for me (albeit with some touch-ups after several hours). I’m not sure about very oily skin though – you might want to try the Hera UV Mist cushion as well, cos it has clay content that helps absorb the oil. You can also consider using an oil control primer (Laneige has one, or the Sulwhasoo Luminature Finisher) before applying this cushion.
      Hope that helps! 🙂

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  27. Great review as usual. I was looking for a review for IOPE cushion and since I believe we have quite similar skin tone (from meeting you to purchase the item :p) I came back quite often. Good that I heard the good review from you and am not regretting my purchase of this cushion (and the shade) as you know sometimes english description on online website really CMI. thanks for the review! 🙂

  28. have you tried N21 shade? If yes, does the finish of C21 and N21 feel alike? now i’m using N21 but still curious about C21 because I need more coverage for important events such as weddings, party etc. However i’m afraid the more cover it gives, the less natural my skin is, i mean i very enjoy the finish of N21 (super natural, like my second skin) so cannot bear it if my face looks “much thicker” when wearing C21.

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  31. Thank you for your review!

    Can I ask you some questions? My skin has a cool/pinkish undertone – between IOPE XP and Hera UV Mist, which one has the better match for my skin? (Mine should be around 21, but am not sure the undertone difference between the N and C). Looking at your review makes me want to try them all! >_<"

    • Hi Jessica, to be honest I really can’t gauge what shade you should be using without seeing you in person (even my professional makeup artist friends can’t do that). Also, N is natural (sheer coverage) while C is cover (stronger coverage), so I don’t think you’ll have to worry about undertones when choosing between these two. For me, Hera tends to oxidise just an eensy weensy bit faster than IOPE. Also, IOPE has a brighter glow finish. I’d suggest picking based on the finish you want? 🙂

  32. Hello sorry to comment on your old post. Just would like to ask you… I have the Hera one in N21. Do I take the same N21 for the IOPE one or should I take the N23? I read some reviews mentioning the IOPE is a shade lighter? And do you think IOPE is still the winner over the Hera cushion now? Thank you for your advice!

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    • They’re not available officially in Singapore at the moment, so there are no counters. I’m not sure if there are other little retailers who’ve brought it in though. I bought mine from korea. Alternatively you can try online. 🙂

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  42. help me please–

    my first ever cushion was innisfree’s long wear cushion. chose it because i thought it would suit malaysia’s ‘always summer’ season lol. but i am so dissapointed w the gray-ish colour and it’s not so yellow as i thought initially. i have quiet complicated skin condition. it’s combi. skin. it’s oily and dry according to the place.for example, my usually oily skin will becomes very dry in even quite cold place( i am very sensitive to coldness). So when i tried laneige’s bb cushion i found out that it’s surprisingly very good! somehow,it can ‘work’ in both hot & cold’s not perfect,but still ok. however, i am still looking for better cushions. any suggestion for that? thanks for reading^^have a good day

    • Hello! I think so far the Laneige Pore control BB cushion is a rather adaptable cushion so you can stick with that. A rather good alternative would be Missha’s Magic M Cushion but it might get slightly patchy at the dry areas of the skin though. So far, cushions can be rather temperamental when it comes to climate adaptability, so if you need something stronger/longer-staying, go for a foundation or bb cream 🙂

  43. Hi ! ^^ Thank you for your review! i am looking for a good cushion and i thought of getting myself the laniege one, but now I totally drop the idea of getting laniege BB cushion as you said its slightly more sticky than this IOPE 🙂 thanks to beautifulbuns, i get to know a lot more cushion as i read all your cushion review 🙂

    On the side note, just wanna let you know you are really an amazing beauty blogger! 🙂 giving almost everyone a reply whenever the comment ! 🙂 have a great day ahead. (Greeting from a singaporean too 😊)

    [Check out on my blog]

  44. Hello, if I am using laneige bb cushion colour #21, what colour do you think I should use for this? Also, would you say that this is more dewy/less matte than laneige? Thanks!

    • Hi Joanna, unfortunately I won’t be able to let you know because I have not seen you in person and therefore don’t know what’s your skin shade as well as the underlying tones (rosy or warm tones). I think it’s best you swatch it (you can buy samples off Qoo10 or Gmarket). 🙂

  45. Hi , I was wondering if you said that it looks cakey with powder , what about putting on with powder blush . Would it look cakey as well ?

    • It doesn’t cake as much cos blusher is usually a sprinkling of colour 🙂 But if you’re worried about caking, try Aritaum’s Sugarball Cushion blusher (which is sort of a cream blusher and very easily blendable) or Etude House’s/IOPE’s cushion blusher. Just something along the lines of those textures? 🙂

  46. Hi Dalja! I like to visit your site – it’s so informative!

    I heard there’s a newer version call iope cushion rx. Have you tried it? If yes, could u let us know the difference pls?

    Thanks loads! 🙂

    • Hello! Thank you so much for the blog love 😀 I know I have another IOPE Cushion stashed somewhere in my room and I was planning to try it next week – I’m not sure if it’s the RX version though. Please check back again to see see?

  47. Hi! I have quite oily face and sweat a lot in the hot sun. Looking for a more matte finish instead of dewy coz I believe it’ll look more oily and dirty :/ Should I go for Laneige BB cushion pore control or IOPE Air Cushion? don’t think Hera will fit me as I saw your reviews that it’s very dewy. Also, do you apply any skincare before using the cushions? sorry to ask so much as I’m a completely new to makeup! ><

    • Hello! If you prefer a matte finish, try Laneige BB Cushion Pore control, Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Compact High Coverage, or the Shu Uemura cushion foundation. I hear both IOPE and Hera have a matte finish BB cushion but I haven’t tried them yet.

      Yes, skincare is a must every morning. I apply something lightweight (currently using Bioderma’s Hydra Bio Gel Creme), as well as sunblock (Kiehl’s sunblock).

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