Review: VDL Beauty Metal Cushion Foundation (2015 upgraded version)

And it’s Monday again~! I’m considering doing a theme for my blog – Mei mei Mondays anyone? (Mei mei is a more casual and colloquial term in mandarin taken to mean pretty). Not sure if that’ll ever start trending, but hey, at least one awesome trend is the BB cushion. And yes, true to my somewhat-usual style, I’ll start my week off with a base product review (cos the skin feels so much smoother and cleaner after my weekend pampering with AmorePacific’s Live Bright Enzyme PeelKiehl’s Deep Pore Cleansing Masque as well as CNP Laboratory’s Soothing Face Mask.

VDL Metal Cushion Foundation 2015 (1)VDL Beauty Metal Cushion Foundation (2015 version) – SGD$52


VDL Metal Cushion Foundation 2015 (2)

VDL Metal Cushion Foundation 2015 (10)It comes with this detachable tray that has the words printed “close pad for long-term storage” – it’s kinda like the moisture-lock trays of the usual BB cushions, but is mainly for storage.

VDL Metal Cushion Foundation 2015 (3)

VDL Metal Cushion Foundation 2015 (4)Here’s the official spiel: “The first cushion foundation that VDL has ever released, the Beauty Metal Cushion Foundation is an innovation and functional foundation that not only provides long-lasting coverage for the face but also infuses skincare benefits in it to provide a complete makeup experience. Designed with a LG patented Metal Plate™ Technology, the metal plate found in this cushion foundation keeps the low-viscosity foundation cool and maintains the moisture level of the foundation while providing mild anti-bacterial benefits by reducing contact point between the application sponge and the foundation formula.”


VDL Metal Cushion Foundation 2015 (5)

VDL Metal Cushion Foundation 2015 (6)Can you see some remnant of my fingerprints on the side of the plate? I was trying to dispense the product without using the puff (so that I could get this pretty dotted design)

VDL Metal Cushion Foundation 2015 (7)

VDL Metal Cushion Foundation 2015 (8)

VDL Metal Cushion Foundation 2015 (9)

VDL Metal Cushion Foundation 2015 (11)

I say…

The Packaging: It’s the usual compact casing that’s rounded – similar to the BB cushions and touch-up powders, but this is slightly taller. Laneige’s Pore Control BB Cushion stands at 3cm tall while this one stands at 3.5cm tall. It’s not that much more cumbersome but you can definitely feel the difference when you hold it. It opens up to reveal an inbuilt mirror and a metal tray with eensy weensy miniscule holes that dispense the foundation when you press down on it. I know it’s meant to be hygienic and all that, but I’m not a huge fan of this because of the following reasons:

  1. The sponge puff goes back onto this metal tray after usage, which means that you have to clean the tray after every applicator to make sure not a single drop of foundation is left (or else it’ll be soaked into the puff, leaving it somewhat wet and moist the next time you use it). Yes I know that it should be cleaned but it sort of adds an extra step into my routine.
  2. When cleaning, you have to be careful not to exert undue pressure or you’ll end up dispensing more foundation and having to clean that up as well – vicious cycle, anyone? It’s mostly  wastage of product and some sort of a waste of time to me.
  3. Also, perhaps it’s the material of the plate, but dry tissue doesn’t seem to get it clean completely – it always looks somewhat blurry. Wet tissues do the trick but I’m a bit iffy and paranoid that some of the wet tissue’s moisture might drip into the holes and into the foundation instead.
  4. Now I’ve gotten comments saying that the detachable plastic tray can be used to prevent the whole issue BUT I have tried it out – when you place the tray on AND the puff on top, the compact CAN be closed, but it also is a rather tight fit – tight to the point that the metal tray is depressed again, thus resulting in some foundation being dispensed. Also, it’s printed on the tray that it’s just for long-term storage purposes anyway.

The Refill: Yes it’s refillable. No it is not compatible with Laneige, The History of Whoo, IOPE, Etude House, Mamonde (review coming soon), Missha (review also coming soon), Hera.

The Scent: It has a lovely scent that smells somewhat fruity and floral. It’s rather mild and not overpowering.

The Application/Texture: Gripes about the packaging aside, this actually gives a very beautiful, brightening and radiant finish! I’m so pleasantly surprised 😀 The foundation goes on very smoothly and blends in very naturally. The finish is 65% matte and 35% dewy, and the glow / dewiness shows at the right spots such as the cheekbones and nose bridge. I also love that the corners of the nose don’t become too shiny (some others immediately show shine within the first hour of application). It also feels really lightweight and doesn’t weigh down on the skin.

The Coverage: About 7.2/10. Pretty decent save for the dark eye circles which needed a few more layers to cover.

The Oil Control: Medium. I blotted after about 6 hours of wear, and the sheet wasn’t even fully soaked with oil. What’s more, I absolutely love that the foundation did not come off on the sheet – the remaining makeup on the face looked natural, not patchy, not dry – it just looked like freshly-applied foundation but with a higher matte finish. You can get the same effect by dabbing with a sheet of tissue paper too.

The Verdict: I love it! Packaging teething problems aside, this gives a superbly natural finish with good coverage and decent oil control, and doesn’t overdo the shine factor. I personally prefer applying it with a brush/fingers instead of the puff cos of its spreadable and blendable consistency.  It fades instead of oxidising, which is always a good thing in my book. I also love that when I touch up, it doesn’t cake and still looks so natural. Its consistency bridges the BB cushion and actual foundation worlds (medium, somewhat watery consistency), and suits my oily-combi skin perfectly by toning down the shine, while the dry portions of the face look sufficiently hydrated because of the dewiness. Defo a huge improvement from the first generation metal cushion – Go try this one out!



10 thoughts on “Review: VDL Beauty Metal Cushion Foundation (2015 upgraded version)

  1. I have this cushion as well but mine came with a separate detachable plastic tray for the puff which can be attached to the metal tray. This solves the problem of having to place the puff on the metal tray.

    • Hello! I have the same plastic tray too but it doesn’t work – I have tried it several times. Each time I place the tray + puff into the compact, it results in the metal tray being pressed down slightly and thus causing more foundation to be dispensed. I’ve also asked the VDL staff and they have also mentioned that it is for storage purposes (vs daily usage to avoid the puff getting stained) 🙂

  2. I have this cushion but in EX version which I think is meant to be the dewier one of the two… I really like it as well but I think I’d prefer this one because my skin is the same as yours! However, I do not have that problem with the puff resting on the metal plate because I rest it on the plastic protection they’ve given!

    • hello! I’m not sure if it’s the puff that’s too new and fluffy, but it seems too tight a fit and causes more foundation to be dispensed. But I’m not fussed about it cos I prefer to apply using a brush/finger anyway 😀

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  4. Thank you for reviewing VDL, its become my new fave brand! I bought the Kakao x VDL Festival Lipstick Glow Balm and Festival Gel Pencil Contour, initially for the packaging, but I tried it and was sold by how good the products actually were! Wondering if you’ve tried / have something to say about it? For someone new and clumsy at putting on eye makeup, I’m getting the hang of it really quickly with the Gel Pencil Contour!

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  6. HI! The cushion looks absolutely beautiful on your skin! I am wondering where you bought the cushion?
    I have looked at various sites and I cannot seem to find this one.

    Thank you!!

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