Review: Mamonde CC Cream

Anddddd just when you thought I’d run out of BB and CC creams, my warchest of beauty products proves you wrong. Muahahaha. I still have a few up my sleeve, or rather, stashed away in my room. I’d actually bought this Mamonde CC Cream on a whim, simply cos I didn’t feel like leaving Aritaum with just one IOPE CC cream –  I wanted a greater sense of achievement in terms of “hell yeah, I bought 2 CC creams from 1 shop.” I know, I know, this isn’t exactly the cheapest thrill in the world.

Mamonde CC CreamMamonde CC Cream

Mamonde CC Cream inforThis photo is taken from this website – I know there are major spelling errors, but ah well, at least 80% of the text makes some sense?

Mamonde CC Cream (1)The usual for CC creams – it comes out white and then slowly morphs to a skin-beige tone

Mamonde CC Cream (2)Just very slightly darker than my usual skin tone.

Mamonde CC Cream (3)The stuff of nightmares – my sans-makeup skin.  The CC cream also barely covers my blemishes. It’s nightmare-ception : bad skin + non-covering makeup. eeps.

Mamonde CC Cream (4)Photo taken 2 hours after application. No loose powder to set – just blusher and highlighter. Oh, yes of course, and eyeliner too. I be da eyeliner ‘ho, yo.

I say…

Unfortunately, this doesn’t quite live up to my expectations (and they weren’t even that high to begin with, considering the fact that I’ve already come to terms that CC creams provide the barest of coverage).

  • The CC  cream is dispensed in white, and changes to a skin tone the more you rub it into your skin.
  • This does take a tad bit longer than usual CC creams to change colour.
  • Once it completes its “go go mighty morphin’ power rangers” act, it seems just half a shade or one shade darker than my usual skin tone.
  • I know that it’s Monday and most people usually have a dark and gloomy face, but with this CC cream, I think I literally have a darkened face now.
  • It is also really dewy and glowy – for once, I felt like I’d achieved the super dewy effect that so many Korean celebs have.
  • On the bright side, my skin feels more moisturised and not so tight even though I sit under the blasting air con in office.
  • The coverage, however, is really minimal. As you can see from my photos above, the CC cream barely covered all my jawline pimple marks. My dark eye circles were still visible under the CC cream. In fact, after applying this, I felt (for the first time in a long time) as if I hadn’t worn any makeup out of the house.  I survived long enough to take the photos before covering it up with my IOPE Air Cushion XP (which by the way can be purchased from MOOTTA, a Korean beauty website that ships to Singapore!)

Overall, I’d say that this is a CC cream that is only for the fairest of them all, not in the skintone sense, but in the you-have-no-blemishes-at-all-you-lucky-bleep sense. Otherwise, I think I’m sticking with my BB creams and foundations.


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