Review: IOPE Air Cushion Sunblock Ex-Cover

It’s a well-known fact among my friends that I am a borderline OCD case. When I do something, I make sure I do it well. So whenever I find a good brand, I won’t rest till I own the entire collection (I blew several thousands on Sulwhasoo during my recent trip!)

Thus, it’s with much happiness (and horror of my bank account) that I reveal to you my newest obsession – IOPE (pronounced Ay-Oh-Peh)

My first purchase from IOPE is the Air Cushion Sunblock Ex-Cover. (note, this is different from the Air Cushion Sunblock Ex which has less coverage. I also bought this, so will drop a review on this soon!)

IOPE Air Cushion Sunblock Ex-Cover – KRW38,000 (comes with an extra refill)


Sealed to ensure tht the bb goodness doesn’t evaporate

Brimming with bb goodness to cover all those horrendous blemishes on my face

Using the special sponge to pick up the bb essence

Barely visible when applied on my hand – there’s a slight shimmery glow though

After applying – no remnant on the sponge

Application and Effects: I am totally in love with this! Besides making my skin seem flawless and poreless, what I love is that it doesn’t cake even after re-applying many times during the day! I’m amazed!

This photo was taken sometime around midnight – no signs of caking and still freshly-applied looking! (I took this photo to tempt The Grooming Editor into buying one hahaha). The non-smudged eyeliner is the Laneige Natural Eyeliner.


Update as of 8 June 2015: Good lord I can’t believe I used to take such crappy photos. Hah. Anyways, Check out my review of the new and improved IOPE Air Cushion XP which performs much better than this.


10 thoughts on “Review: IOPE Air Cushion Sunblock Ex-Cover

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