Review: IOPE Complete Care CC Cream

Happy Monday everybardy! Today marks day 1 of a 3-day work week in Singapore, cos we’ve got Hari Raya on Thursday (Selamat Hari Raya in advance!) and our National Day on Friday (Majulah Singapuraaaaa!). And for once, it’s one of the rare occassions that I don’t have to work on a public holiday. It’s time to celebrate and get some much-needed rest.

Even though it’s not much a Blue Monday, I’ve decided to review a blue product today. Ok that’s totally irrelevant, I know. I just wanted to review this cos it’s (yet another) CC cream. -throws confetti in air-

IOPE CC CreamLoving the glossy packaging in real life, but hating it during photography cos it reflects every damn shimmer of light.

IOPE CC Cream featured

This is how it looks with professional photography heh.

IOPE CC Cream infoIOPE Complete Care CC Cream – KRW35,000

IOPE CC Cream (1)

IOPE CC Cream (2)In shade 01 Clear Beige

IOPE CC Cream (3)Looking vaguely yellow at first but blending in very nicely to give a pretty natural finish with slight glow

IOPE CC Cream (4)Can you see the slight trail/scars along my jawline? Those are the remnant pimples from my Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum testing period. sigh.  waiting for them to subside before I try it again. Anyhoos, the IOPE CC cream gives a nice glow and some radiance, but not much coverage.

IOPE CC Cream (5)Radiant – yes. But there isn’t very strong coverage – check out the dark eye circles gah.

IOPE CC Cream companionsTaken from the IOPE website – recommendations of what to use the IOPE CC cream with.

IOPE CC Cream effectWatermarking this picture cos I translated it (loosely) 😀

I say…

  • First of all, I must say that the texture is impressively smooth and creamy – spreading out nicely and with a great amount of moisture (not watery though).
  • It smells vunderful and makes me want to continue applying – which will be the case anyway since it doesn’t have strong coverage.
  • Now I am pretty surprised at the coverage level though – when I was in store (at Aritaum), I tested 3 new CC creams from IOPE, Laneige and Mamonde.
  • I suppose it had something to do with the dim lighting, cos at that moment, I thought the IOPE one had really good coverage. I’m not saying it has zero coverage though – it’s just that I expected a 8/10 for its coverage and now it’s just 6.5/10, something more suitable for a base or primer instead.
  • And yes, my suspicions are confirmed when I check out the website and see that IOPE has paired up the CC cream with several other products – yup, this CC cream is better for a base instead.
  • On the flipside, it does brighten my skin tone. It does even it out. And it even manages to cover some of my blemishes. Unfortunately, the true mark of a product with good coverage is its ability to cover up my dark eye circles. In the photos above I already had 4-5 layers applied under my eyes… but sadly, to no avail.
  • It doesn’t last that long either – 4 hours and it was more or less gone. I should try their recommendations and try to pair it with the IOPE Air Cushion XP  soon.
  • However, as a base itself, it’s a really good product. It has a nice dewy glow to it – not overwhelmingly , but a nice subtle glow.
  • It doesn’t feel heavy or thick either – in fact, it felt quite luxurious.. perhaps it’s because of the amount of skincare products in it.

Overall, a decent product as a base or primer, but if you’re looking for a CC cream that’ll cover your blemishes and use as a BB or foundation, this won’t be for you.


4 thoughts on “Review: IOPE Complete Care CC Cream

  1. Hi,

    I love reading your blog.

    How is this IOPE CC cream compare to Hera CC Cream? I’m not intending to use it as a base, but rather a “foundation”. Which one gives a better overall complexion? Thanks in advance.

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