Review: O Hui Mineral Water BB Cushion

Hohoho. See what I meant when I said that I’ve got a black hole of cosmetics and skincare? It’s been 2 years since I started this blog, and I’ve yet to run out of stuff to review – in particular, Korean beauty-related stuff. Here’s yet another BB cushion that I bought from Lotte, Myeongdong.

O Hui Mineral Water BB CushionO Hui Mineral Water BB Cushion – KRW48,000

O Hui Mineral Water BB Cushion (1)

O Hui Mineral Water BB Cushion (2)

O Hui Mineral Water BB Cushion (3)

O Hui Mineral Water BB Cushion (4)

O Hui Mineral Water BB Cushion (5)A decent finish if not the fact that it’s a tad darker than my usual skin tone

O Hui Mineral Water BB Cushion (6)

O Hui Mineral Water BB Cushion (7)Mock me all you want – I know I look pretty shell-shocked hoho.  I hadn’t planned on the flash going off butttt I still inserted this photo anyway so that you can see how glowy my skin looks with this BB cushion 😀

I say…

First of all, I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why I bought this in shade 23 when I’m usually a 13. Meh. You can expect to see this in my For sale page pretty soon. lol.

  • Anyhoos, it comes in your usual casing – a compact case with a flip-open tray that also stores the puff as well. The tray also clicks shut to prevent your BB cushion from evaporating.
  • It also comes with an extra refill, which makes it pretty affordable at KRW48,000.
  • However, since this is from the LG family instead of the usual Amore Pacific family, it’s slightly bigger and deeper than the Amore Pacific bunch (IOPE Air Cushion XP, Laneige BB cushion, Hera UV Mist Cushion – these 3 are interchangeable in terms of their refills and casings).
  • It feels lighter than the Amore Pacific BB cushions – not sure if it’s because of a different material used for the case, or because of the contents.
  • There’s a very faint fragrance.
  • It is lightweight and relatively cooling on your skin, but not as cooling as the Laneige BB cushion’s 4-degree celsius drop.
  • It does have a great glow factor though.
  • The coverage is medium – covers most blemishes but you’ll still need concealer.
  • It doesn’t cake even with multiple layers – touching up on the go will be good.
  • It also doesn’t oxidise much – in fact, after the glow factor dies down, it seems to settle into a somewhat matte finish, which is fine with me (as long as I don’t look like one of a Sheikh’s oilfields).
  • After about 6 hours of wear, it starts disappearing (which is pretty normal for most makeup items.

Should you get this? Yup. Just make sure that you buy the correct shade, unlike me. I’m pretty sure it must have been the summer heat that got to me when I bought this in July last year. hmph.


5 thoughts on “Review: O Hui Mineral Water BB Cushion

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  2. Hello, love all your cushion reviews! I was wondering I have very dry skin which cushion would you recommend?

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