Review: IOPE Bio Essence Intensive Conditioning

I kinda gave up on toners several years back, cos I heard from a beauty brand presentation that they’re not necessary. That, and cos it kinda saved me moneh. I mean, most of the toner product goes onto the cotton wool anyway, right right right?

Ever since le brother started working at one of the world’s top beauty brands (I don’t even know how/why but hey, it gets me freebies!), he’s been nagging me to start on using toner. I usually tune him out, but his nagging just subconsciously gets into my brain. The most important part that I’ve absorbed is that it helps remove dead skin cells so that skincare can be better absorbed. (not buying the portion about removing remnant makeup, cos that’s what a good cleanser should do).

Now I know this isn’t really a toner, but so far, I’ve been using it directly on my freshly-cleansed face, and I must say it has worked some wonders 😀 No wonder a Korean beauty editor said that it was one of the top beauty products that debuted in 2013.

IOPE Bio-Conditioning Intensive EssenceIOPE Bio Essence Intensive Conditioning – KRW60,000

IOPE Bio-Conditioning Intensive Essence (1)Supposedly the Korean version of pitera – Bio-redox

IOPE Bio-Conditioning Intensive Essence (2)

IOPE Bio-Conditioning Intensive Essence (3)

IOPE Bio-Conditioning Intensive Essence poster 2Application method via a cotton wool – about one-third of the cotton wool should be soaked

IOPE Bio-Conditioning Intensive Essence (4)A clear liquid that’s absorbed really quickly

IOPE Bio-Conditioning Intensive Essence (5)Notice the difference in skin texture?

I say…

It’s totally worth the hype ❤~! Mucho gracias to Romeo for getting this as a gift for me – indeed, the professional makeup artist does know best.

  • The bottle is a frosted heavy glass bottle  with a brushed metal turn-cap, so it can be a little smooth and easy to slip from your grip, so be careful. My girlfriend managed to drop her Sulwhasoo First Care Serum (within less than 3 uses), and it’s not even half as smooth.
  • The liquid is odourless (vs SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence -holymommaofodours!-)
  • It’s also super lightweight – it’s almost like water.
  • It’s super quickly absorbed and leaves no sticky, oily, greasy renmant – nothing at all.
  • Instead, the only thing I felt was smoother and more moisturised skin.
  • What’s more, there is skintone improvement. Even Isabelle noticed that my skin was fairer and brighter after about 2 weeks of usage. Major happiness!
  • It hasn’t done much for fine lines (as yet).
  • I know you’re supposed to use it after toner and before moisturiser / emulsion , but I’m preferring to use it on my skin immediately after cleansing. 😀
  • It doesn’t seem to irritate my skin much too.
  • I have previously tried on SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence (or rather, my brother lunged at me with a soaked cotton pad) and my skin got slightlyyyy red.
  • There are markings on the side of the bottle (photo to come soon!) – kinda like your cough syrup bottle to show you how much should be used at one time.

Overall, a really good product if you’re looking to improve your skintone and smoothen it. Buy it naooooo.


35 thoughts on “Review: IOPE Bio Essence Intensive Conditioning

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  2. Is this works like sk2? I have sensitive & acne pone skin. Does this help to remove acne scars? I heard alot ppl crave this! Wish to try it. You are using sulwhasoo serum & lope essence together ?

    • Yup it works the same way as SK-II. I have a friend whose face is super, duper sensitive and I’m surprised that she can use it. I’m not sure about removing acne scars but I do know that it has helped to brighten my skin complexion. Yup I’m using this together with my Sulwhasoo stuff, and even Hera and Kiehl’s 🙂

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  4. Heyas, Have been reading alot of your posts and find them very helpful. 🙂 Just wanna ask if you still use other serum/essence at night besides this and if so, will it be too much? This product is not so much for anti-aging right but for clarifiying purpose yea?

    I also have sensitive/combi skin prone to clogged pores on my tzone but also wanna be diligent in my anti-aging skincare regimen as I have noticed an increase of fine lines on my upper nose/bunny lines and even eyelid area when I smile 😦 haven hit 30 somemore.

    • Hi there! I use quite a number of things at night after this – a serum (whitening/firming), an emulsion, a cream, and sometimes a sleeping pack if I feel like I’m in need of radiance.

      Yup this product isn’t much of anti-ageing – I feel that it’s for clarifying and radiance.

      In this case I think you’ll need to get a good eye serum cos it sounds like the skin around that area is loosing its elasticity… I like the YSL Youth Liberator Eye Serum. I’m currently using the Hera Roll-on Eye Serum (for day) and Sulwhasoo TimeTreasure Renovating Eye Cream for night. Occasionally I also apply a collagen eye patch (mine’s from The Face Shop, Raspberry Lift and Line), and I’ve also recently starting using the Kao Warming Eye Mask to relax myself before sleeping 🙂 Hope this helped!

      • Thanks for sharing. 🙂 Guess u r right, I’s using face serum for eye area now and then just eye cream, will consider another eye serum.

  5. Hi, if I want to choose to buy between iope bio essence & sulwhasoo first care serum, which one do you recommend me to get ? I have some acne scars .

    • Hi Jolie,

      they are actually two different types of products so it’s hard to select (kinda like picking between an apple and potato). If you must, then the first care serum is more for firming and anti-ageing and beauty from deep within, while the iope bio essence shows more effectiveness in skin clarity.

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  8. hello Jolie. I have a sample of the Iope Bio Essence but I wanted to know when I should use it. Do i pat it on only before I go to sleep or do I use it in the morning when I wash my face? Also if I can use it in the morning, is it ok to wear BB Cream over it? Thank you!

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  15. Hi !

    I have been using Mishha treatment essence for abt 4-5 month and I nearly finish the bottle. I’m abt to try another brand, if I have to choose amoung Iope, Hera and Innisfree which one do you reccommend If my concern is bringtening ( It is abt summer here, I’m getting darker tone ). My skin condition is oily-combination, prone to acne during summer time. Atm, I don’t have any acne or pore issue.

    • Hey Vixki, if you’re looking for brightening, perhaps you can try IOPE (Hera has a rather strong fragrance and you mentioned that you’re prone to acne, so I’m not sure if it’ll cause any reactions to your skin). I’d recommend the Nature Republic First Essence too 🙂

  16. this might be out of topic, but can you recommend good serums that are good at addressing uneven skin tone, pigmentation and large pores? I have oily skin, sensitive and acne-prone..

    • Hi Mae,

      I can’t be sure that these will work on your skin type as it differs fro mine (plus our lifestyles / climates might differ), but what worked for me are the following:

      Uneven skintone / whitening: Sulwhasoo Snowise range

      Pores: DRx Comedone Formula / CNP Laboratory Blackhead Remover (this isn’t like the usual pore pack – it kinda melts the grime trapped in the pores).

      Hope this helps! 🙂

      • Thanks for that. Back to essences, ive also read ur review on the nature republic the first essence. Im actually torn between this and iope. Im pretty sensitive coz i have had dermatitis in the past, but ive tried korean products and they never triggered by dermatitis.. still i need to be careful tho. Base on ur reviews they’r both gentle. So, just want to know which of the two provided the better result on ur skin? Sorry for my too many questions, u see im fr the outskirts of australia, we dont have koreans shops here so i research a lot before i buy them online.. 😁

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