Review: Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence

Since my last round-up post on the various types of Treatment Essences/Toners to try, I haven’t stopped – that’s right, this crazed beauty junkie will always be in search for the bestest most awesomest products out there. I’ve heard a bit about Secret Key for a while, but somehow just never managed to find the retailing outlets. At long last, I’ve hunted down out and carted it back to Singapore 😀

Secret Key Starting Treatment EssenceSecret Key Starting Treatment Essence


Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence (1)

Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence (2)

Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence (3)

Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence (4)

I say…

The Packaging: This is like the X-files of Kbeauty – why it always has to be in a frosted heavy glass bottle, I’ll never know. Ah well. This is a limited edition bottle so it has a pretty gold cap as well as gold rose motifs on the bottle. The usual packaging is a silver cap without any motifs.

The Scent: There’s a very slightly somewhat acrid scent – a whiff of alcohol in the product. There’s no fragrance whatsoever.

The Texture: It’s a watery liquid that is absorbed into the skin without leaving any residue (no stickiness, no greasiness, nothing)

The Aftermath: I soak a cotton pad and dab it all over the face. I wouldn’t say that it’s  tangible tingling, but it’s just a very, very, superbly, minute tingling sensation to the skin – kinda like it’s working its magic (I know this sounds slightly ludicrous, but you get my gist, yes yes?) . The skin feels bouncier and looks clearer/more radiant. So far, I haven’t had any adverse reactions to it too (yay!).  Despite the slight whiff of some alcohol content, my skin doesn’t feel dry or stripped.

Overall: Surprisingly, it was quite worth the hype. It does a good job of boosting radiance in the skin, and doesn’t have any gross residue (and no breakouts are totally a plus point). This definitely rates among the top few treatment essences I’ve tried, along with IOPE and Nature Republic. For those who’re iffy about the alcohol content, you can try Su:m 37’s Secret Programming Essence which is gentler but just as effective.




13 thoughts on “Review: Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence

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  3. Hihi, how does this compare to Hera cell essence and Laneige Clear-C Advanced Effector? How would you rate these 3 against each other?

    • Hi claudia,

      It’s too tough to call – the only immediate visible difference is the bottle packaging (Laneige has a pump) as well as scent level (Hera, Laneige and then Secret Key). In terms of efficacy, they’re more or less on par as well. I’ve used all three and they didn’t give me any breakouts, and bring a certain level of clarity to the skin.

    • It is supposed to serve the same function as the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence but in terms of effects, i really cannot comment much because everyone’s skin differs. For me SK-II FTE didn’t show much effect while I saw more effect with this Secret Key one.

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