Review: Kiss Me Heroine Make Impact Frame & Curl Mascara

I thought I was pretty bad when it came to shopping – unless I went with a girlfriend named Jan to Hong Kong. This petite chick literally wiped out the entire shelf – and the backroom store. She bought more than 20 pieces of this mascara. like woahhhh -mindblown- Since she bought so many, I was convinced enough to buy arm-wrestle one piece from her to try.

Heroine Make Mascara

Heroine Make Mascara (1)

Heroine Make Mascara (2)

Heroine Make Mascara (3)

Heroine Make Mascara (4)

I say…

  • This has a unique applicator – one side is a comb while the other side is a brush. It’s a good half-half.
  • The curling effect is pretty decent – I’d call it an uplifting effect rather than curling.
  • It extends my lashes nicely too, in a light feathery manner (aka not clumpy).
  • It doesn’t extend evenly though – I guess you could call it a natural effect?
  • However, what I love about this is that it fans out your lashes nicely .
  • These photos were taken at the end of the day, so you can see how long the uplifting effect has held up. That’s about 2-3 coats applied.
  • It also doesn’t smudge 😀
  • One downside – it takes some time to dry, so make sure not to blink before it dries up completely.

Overall, a decent mascara for day wear, with moderate extension and curling effects. I seeeeee why my girlfriend went bananas on this .


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