Review: Holika Holika Face 2 Change Moist Cushion BB

I admit that I can be somewhat of a compulsive hoarder… of makeup and skincare products. I sometimes stash things and never get around to using them. Or maybe I forget. Or perhaps, just perhaps I didn’t want to destroy the pristine condition of the product. I guess that’s why I haven’t opened my Sulwhasoo BB cushion or my Sulwhasoo Luminature Essential Finisher… Ah well. Here’s another one that I finally opened to use.

Holika Holika Moist Cushion BBHolika Holika Face 2 Change Moist Cushion BB – KRW19,000 (apparently now there’s a promotion going on : same price, but with an extra refill. Damnit. Where’s my extra refill? hmph.)

Holika Holika Moist Cushion BB infoNote: The shade numberings are wrong – they should be #21 (bright/light beige) and #23 (calm beige (don’t look at me, I’m just doing a literal translation heh))

Holika Holika Moist Cushion BB (1)

Holika Holika Moist Cushion BB (2)The moment that I enjoy the most when opening a new BB cushion – poking the bejesus out of the fresh and moist sponge hurhurhur. It’s also the only moment that you’ll get a lot of product from the sponge.

Holika Holika Moist Cushion BB (3)Say helloooo to my right hand, which rarely makes an appearance in photos cos I’m usually using my right hand to operate the camera.

Holika Holika Moist Cushion BB (4)

Holika Holika Moist Cushion BB (5)My skin’s clearly not in its best state – damn you PMS.

Holika Holika Moist Cushion BB (6)

I say…

This product was one of the later entrants to the BB cushion market.

  • The packaging is the usual – a click-in tray for the sponge (which also doubles up as an airtight stopper to prevent the BB cushion from evaporating) packed into a compact casing.
  • I know it prolly sounds a little frivolous, but I do like the packaging colour – most of the other BB cushions come in white or neutral colours.
  • The mirror is also a good size – all the way to the edge of the casing versus some others that stop 1-2cm away from the edge. Peoples, I haz big face.
  •  The puff also doesn’t surprise much- soft, fluffy and specially made for a BB cushion usage (I’m guessing it’s perforated inside (kinda like a sponge) to pick up and not retain too much)
  • When applied, there’s a nice cooling sensation – not sure if it’s because of the product formulation or it’s just pure science at work. Liquids applied to your skin will naturally feel cool cos it is a) at a lower temperature than your body and b) something to do about the liquid molecules removing the heat from your body (blah blah blah I’ve returned most of my science knowledge to my teachers) heh.
  • Anyhoos, it gives pretty decent coverage, as you can see from the photos. It even managed to cover the jawline blemishes, and I didn’t have to apply too many layers (I think 1-2 pats over the affected portion did the trick).
  • Unfortunately, the dark eye circles are beyond humane help, methinks. I’d even dusted on extra loose powder to try to cover… sigh.
  • Also, it does live up to its “Moist” name – it felt an eensy weensy bit too moist till my glasses kept slipping off my nose.
  • I also felt like my loose powder was slowly slipping down my face (not to suchhh a drastic effect, but perhaps a slow-mo thing over a period of 4 hours).
  • By 5 hours, most of my makeup was gone, sadly.
  • The finish was really dewy and glowy (the corners of my nose looked 1% oily immediately after application).
  • However, I give it cred – it does brighten up my overall complexion and give it a slightly radiant glow.

Overall, quite an average BB cushion, and will be good for those with dry or dry/combi skin cos of its high moisture levels. It’s also got an affordable price tag.  If you’ve got oily skin like mine, I’d suggest steering clear of it.


4 thoughts on “Review: Holika Holika Face 2 Change Moist Cushion BB

  1. Thanks for the review. I was trying to decide whether to get it or not, coz I was gonna buy it from ebay now for under 10 dollars. But considering I have a super oily face, it probably wont last on me. I’m busy trying out the Skin79 orange BB cream and 1st try, I already hate it – makes me look very pale and quite shiny after an hour.

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