Review / Facial: CNP’s new Yangjae Clinic / Pore Shrinking / V-Line Lifting Laser Treatment + SPECIAL DISCOUNT (only at Yangjae)

Yoohoo! I’ve got something good to share with you guys – I know at times, certain bloggers may seem to be endorsing certain treatments/places/products just for monetary benefits, but trust me, none of that here. I have personally put my face at (somewhat) risk, and found CNP Skin Clinic to be one of the best I’ve tried, which is why I’m sharing it with y’all.  I started with something small like the Scaling and Polishing Facial Treatment, and I’ve undergone it at least 5x so far (with good results!).

Just last week, I visited CNP’s new clinic at Yangjae station, and tried out – get ready for this – Pore Shrinking Treatment as well as a V-line Lifting Laser Treatment. That’s right baybehs, yours truly has finally managed to shrink her enlarged sebum-producing pores and tightened that jawline for a more V-shaped silhouette (versus the old U-shaped one).YAYYYYYYY.

If you’re interested in visiting CNP, here are the directions to their new clinic. (do note that it’s different from the Yangjae-Dogok branch)

CNP, Yangjae Main Centre

3rd Fl, SK Hub Primo building, 240 Gangnamdaero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul Korea

Operating Hours
Weekdays : 11:00 ~ 20:00 / Lunch : 13:00 ~ 14:00
Saturday : 09:00 ~ 17:00 / Lunch : 13:00 ~ 13:30

Contact number


 International email address



CNP new map

CNP Skin Clinic SK Plaza (1)Alight at Yangjae Station (along the Orange Line/Line 3)


CNP Skin Clinic SK Plaza (2)Head for Exits 3/4 – the overhead signs should help



CNP Skin Clinic SK Plaza (3)I chanced upon this pillar that gave pretty clear directions


CNP Skin Clinic SK Plaza (4)Exits 3 and 4 are side by side, so head up this way


CNP Skin Clinic SK Plaza (5)The bane of my existence – stairs.  Especially in Korea. Ladies, take note – this is probably why their girls there all have such lovely legs – nonstop stairmaster day in and day out. I think my motivation for lugging my big carcass up all the stairs in Korea comes from shopping, and in this case, good skin. hah.


CNP Skin Clinic SK Plaza (6)There are 3 “exits” once you reach the top of the stairs – one to the left (exit 3), one to the right (exit 4) and one straight ahead (which leads into SK Plaza).


CNP Skin Clinic SK Plaza (7)It’s easier to go through the underground link, but if you’re on the street level or deice to come out from  either Exits 3 or 4, you’ll see this with the orange signage of CNP on the side of the building.


CNP Skin Clinic SK Plaza (8)The external of SK Plaza.


CNP Skin Clinic SK Plaza (9)If you’re heading in from the street level, you’ll see the directory with the CNP listing on it. Head on up to the 3rd level.

CNP Skin Clinic SK Plaza (12)

CNP Skin Clinic SK Plaza (13)Ta-dah! You’re here!


CNP Skin Clinic SK Plaza (14)Like woah – this is a major upgrade from the previous clinic. Don’t get me wrong – the previous clinic was pretty decent (welcoming and cheerful), but this one is kinda classier and more elegant.


CNP Skin Clinic SK Plaza (16)

CNP Skin Clinic SK Plaza (15)Multiple enclaves in the waiting area (so you don’t have to sit awkwardly with strangers) where you can view the videos on the various types of treatments as well as browse their catalogues/booklets


CNP Skin Clinic SK Plaza (18)Apologies for mysterious floating head – blame it on the freshly-boomzed hair 😀 Here I am with my doctor, Doctor Kim who speaks decent English and is a really gentle and sweet doctor. P.S: Notice her perfect skin?

This time round, she prescribed 3 treatments for me:

1. Scaling & Polishing: To declog, decongest (basically to remove all the gunk from the face) as well as to smoothen the surface

2. Pore Shrinking Treatment (Intracel): To shrink the icky enlarged pores on the cheeks as well as the nose

3. V-Line Lifting Laser (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Lifting): To tighten and firm the saggy jowls and create that V-shaped jawline

And off I go! First up – to the changing / locker / wash area. It’s an upgraded and prettier version of the previous clinic in terms of aesthetics, but still provides everything you need, from hairdryers to hair ties and sprays, and even contact lens containers and solution.

CNP Skin Clinic SK Plaza (20)

CNP Skin Clinic SK Plaza (21)a

CNP Skin Clinic SK Plaza (19)The door leads to Narnia – I wish. It actually leads to the locker room.


CNP Skin Clinic SK Plaza (25)aThe previous clinic had lockers that were positioned next to your treatment bed (which was in a room of 6 beds), but this one has a centralised locker area. And check it out – it even has a numerical locking system PLUS a choice of phone-charging system! The one with the Apple logo is (duh) for Apple iPhone users while the other ones are for Android users. This is on the basis that you will leave your phone in there  (like normal human beings do), but since I’m a nomophobe (no-mobile phobia), I brought my phone along on my treatment. Plus, I had to take all these photos, yes?


CNP Skin Clinic SK Plaza (28)The new and improved treatment rooms – it’s now 2 per room vs the previous 4 (6?) per room. Although I initially found it weird to have my extraction done while squirming quietly for fear of my next-bed-neighbour mocking my lack of a pain threshold, I’ve actually come to get used to having several people in the room with me. Now, I just feel sorta lonely~~~ muahaha. Weird, I know. Even the therapist laughed when I told her that.


CNP Skin Clinic SK Plaza (29)A rather clinical (almost surgical) looking trolley of equipment ready to give me soft and smooth skin!

Treatment 1: Scaling & Polishing

And hence, commences the Scaling and Polishing Treatment – except this time I finally managed to capture the extraction process. It still is a painful process, but it always, always, always leaves my skin so smooth and soft for days after.

CNP Skin Clinic SK Plaza (30)

CNP Skin Clinic SK Plaza (31)Voila! Me immediately after the Scaling & Polishing – there are definitely some minor red splotches from the extraction, but it more or less looks decent (‘cept for the dark eye circles 😦 )

Preparation for the Pore Shrinking / V-Line Laser Lifting Treatment

Like most aesthetics treatments, you will need to slather on a chunk of numbing cream to prep your skin beforehand. Here I am, looking like I just tried to eat the belly of the Marshmallow Man.

CNP Skin Clinic SK Plaza (32)This was left to set for about 20-30 minutes (I can’t be sure – I dozed off so peacefully)

Treatment 2: V-Line Lifting Laser  (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Lifting)

Now here’s where the treatment starts. I don’t have any photos cos my eyes were covered to protect them, so you’ll have to rely solely on my story-telling skills to get the gist.

There wasn’t any rest time between the two treatments, but the doctor first started with the V-Line Lifting treatment. The official name of the treatment is known as High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Lifting.

  • What is High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Lifting? My layman understanding – Emitting some sort of waves (could be heat, could be sound waves, I’m really not sure) deep into the skin to stimulate it into awakening, and therefore regaining its tautness and firmness.

HIFU how it works

Note: This is just for graphical illustration – it may or may not be the same machine used at CNP, but it essentially shows you that the waves are emitted deeper into the skin.


  • How High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Lifting feels: To put it simply – severe static. It’s kinda like Thor from the Avengers repeatedly summoning bolts of lightning deep into your skin to punish you for thinking Loki is cuter (which is totally the truth anyways). I’m guessing the reason why the doctor started with this treatment is so that your skin is still freshly numbed (aka more immune to the impending pain). It’s not particularly painful to the point where it’s unbearable, but it’s more of the startling zap-zappppp per shot combined with the heat that makes this slightly uncomfortable. You can literally feel it zapping deeper into the skin. However, the doctor was super gentle and sweet – everytime she was about to do it, she’d go “here we go~ pyong~!”

This lasted for about 20-30 mins (not particularly sure since time seems to pass slower when you’re feeling uncomfortable), and was done along the entire jawline as well as the lower part of the cheeks. I did squirm and yelp slightly (no shame there) since I have a low pain threshold. It didn’t bring any tears to my eyes though.


Treatment 3: Pore Shrinking (Intracel)

Next up was the Pore Shrinking treatment.

  • What is Intracel? Again, I’m no scientist so don’t take my word for it, but my layman understanding of the Pore Shrinkage treatment (that’s done via Intracel) – you puncture the skin with many super fine needles to stimulate the skin into regeneration (and therefore closing the gaps of the enlarged pores). See picture below for a graphical illustration.

intracel machine headBased on my Google skills, this should be the machine head that was used on me – I can’t be entirely sure cos my eyes were closed, but you get the gist. The machine head is pretty small, so you can expect many “shots’ of this.

intracel how it works

  • How Intracel feels: Now I know this looks pretty scary and painful, but surprisingly, it’s not. It’s more of a solid pressure – kinda like someone pressing a wooden block against your skin trying to push you out of the way. To pierce your skin, there will be more pressure against your skin – but at any time, there wasn’t much pain. It’s kinda like using a stapler – you put it in position, and then you press down to dispense the pointy bits (but for Intracel, the pointy bits come out of the skin). After a while, I just started thinking “ok, are we done yetttt?”

This lasted for about 10-20 minutes or so, and definitely drew some blood (cos I opened my eyes at the end and saw the nurse putting away some blood-stained tissues). It’s not the major gushing type though. It was done mainly on the cheeks and parts of the nose where there were enlarged pores.


Ok, I’m not gonna sugarcoat it and say you’ll be able to look fabulous on the day itself – this is how I looked immediately after the treatment.

CNP Skin Clinic SK Plaza (33)Most of the redness was located on the cheeks from the Intracel, forehead spots were from the extraction from the Scaling & Polishing (apparently my bangs are doing a great job of cultivating its own colony of gross ickiness on the forehead).  There wasn’t much redness/marks from the V-Line Lifting Treatment (in fact, you can see the immediately tightness omg!).

  • Post-Treatment Care: No facial cleansing (not even with water) for 24 hours after the treatments. With the exception of abstaining from alcohol, there are no dietary restrictions (I pigged out on the super spicy Korean noodles with spam). I only applied light makeup (Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control) for the 3-5 days after my treatment (to conceal the redness and slight bruising) – this was also to minimise the amount of cleansing/makeup removal needed, as well as to avoid clogging up the pores. There can be very very slight scabbing, so don’t peel them – let them fall off naturally. I kept my face moisturised by using a Sulwhasoo facial mist for a week or more.

There’s not much downtime (although I chose to hide indoors for a day because I’m fair and the redness is more easily seen).

CNP Skin Clinic SK Plaza (35)#nofilter here baybeh


CNP Skin Clinic SK Plaza (34)

The Verdict for V-Line Lifting Laser: I’m not sure if you can see it clearly in the photos, but the jawline is gradually becoming more defined and sharper. I walked into a girlfriend’s store yesterday and she immediately asked “What did you do to your face?! It looks sharper” -happiness!- I am SUPER happy with the results and am super tempted to go for round 2 of the V-Line Lifting Laser treatment. Because it increases overall skin tautness and firmness, it’s also a long-term thingy (vs injections/fillers that wear off over time). This will remain until gravity (and age) sets in again.

CNP Skin Clinic SK Plaza (36)

The Verdict for Intracel Pore Shrinking: Can you see the difference? Granted, the Before photo was taken with some slight makeup on (I couldn’t find a proper one without makeup as I was subconsciously avoiding taking such photos due to the large pores), but you can defo see the increase in skin firmness as well as a decrease in pore size (the After photo was taken without makeup!). You can also see how the makeup was sinking into the pores of the skin in the Before photo, while they are nicely fleshed out in the After photo.

Price Range

  • Intracel Pore Shrinking: KRW300,000-500,000 (depends on your skin condition).
  • High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Lifting (Ultracel/Intracel): KRW600,000 onwards (also depends on your skin condition)
  • Scaling & Polishing: KRW150,000 onwards. For smoothening of the skin texture and clearing the gunk out.  Read my first experience here.
  • Spot / mole / milia seed removal: KRW50,000-200,000 (depending on the number of spots). I paid KRW200,000 to remove about 15 brown spots.
  • Milk Peel Plus Program: KRW180,000 onwards. For gentle skin brightening and radiance improvement. Read my review here.
  • By the way, CNP also has awesome skincare products that are available in Singapore now – check out some of my favourite products here.


Updated on 9 April: Just cos I love y’all, any readers of my blog who visits CNP YANGJAE outlet for ANY laser treatment will get a 10% discount off! Just let them know that you’re my reader (quote either my blog name or my name), and you’ll get the discount 😀 Note that it’s only for the Yangjae Outlet.

To make an appointment/ send in queries, email in to, For more information, visit their website at

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  9. I went to the new location via the underground passage in early Feb, and I think that’s probably the shorter route. The escalator (from the underground passage) brings you directly to the lifts that lead to the clinic.

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  12. Thank you for your reviews and post! I am trying to get in touch for an appointment but have sent two emails, without any response. Are they usually so unresponsive?

    • hello! hmm i’m not too sure about that – the first time i emailed them (as a normal person seeking information), they responded pretty fast.. Anyway I’ve contacted the person in charge regarding your issue – hopefully she gets back to you soon! If not, I’ll try to make an apptmt for you or hook you guys up 🙂

      • Thank u! I have emailed to the new address about two days ago, I have not heard from them again. Maybe my email went into the junk mail? Sure I can pass u my name and email, do u have an email which I can send it to? Thank u

      • My email address is (at) gmail (dot) com 🙂 perhaps you can send me the email that you sent to them too and I can just forward it on~

  13. Hi!

    I was wondering if you think there will be any difference if I go to a different branch? (intending to do nose fillers)

    I’ll be in Seoul coming March for 4 days and the Yangjae main one is a little out of place.

    By the way, love your posts! I went to Cecica on both trips previously thanks to you! Its now a must go whenever i’m in Seoul lol

    • Hey Tricia!

      I haven’t been to the other branches (but only passed by), so I can’t say for sure if there’ll be a different/be the same even though it’s all under the same brand name. I do know that the discount for laser treatments is only available at the Yangjae branch though.

      And yay! I’ve been dying to go to Cecica but I haven’t had the time to head to Korea, so please go more on my behalf! xoxo 😀

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  15. Hi, previously you went for their brown spots / pigmentation removal treatment . May I know you went for a few laser treatment or only once to get rid of the spots ? For the milk peel plus program, is this a one time facial treatment? Can pigmentation laser and milk peel plus program done together ?Thanks:)

    • Hi, the spot removal was done in one session, and the milk peel plus program is a one-time thing too, but I feel that with repeated sessions, you’ll see more effect. It’s kinda like a facial – the more you go, the better your skin gets 🙂 I think both can be done together, probably the milk peel plus first (as a facial), and then the spot removal. Best to email them to confirm~

  16. Hihi, I tried the scaling and polishing treatment at CNP Yangjae and I love the effect. Just wondering if you know any aesthetic clinic in Singapore that does the same kind treatment?

    • Hi Jamie,

      Glad to hear that you love the treatment! To get something similar, you can try AEON Medical (at Pacific Plaza, it’s run by a Korean Dr Kim heheh.) – I’ve been doing their HydraFacial there and it does give me smoother and hydrated skin 😀 If you try it out, lemme know how it goes! I’m hoping that if you subtly mention that it was my recommendation, he might give you a slight discount (I haven’t gotten around to asking for an actual fixed discount like with CNP yet), but you can try your luck! xoxo

  17. Hello!

    Can I check for the Intracel treatment, do I need to return for a few treatments or one treatment is good enough?

    I have made an appointment on my last day of the trip so i want to see if there is enough time or suitable for the treatment.

    • hello! I usually just do a one-time thing which lasts several months. I guess you can do it on the last day of your trip, but it might be advisable to not do so – just in the very rare case that you need to return for a check up (although I’ve never had to).

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