Review: RMK Gel Scrub

Andd I’m back! I was in Korea for a couple of weeks to attend a close Korean pal’s wedding. It may be February now but it’s still cold ass freezing there. Brrrr. I think the coldest I experienced was -12 degrees Celsius – the icy winds didn’t help much either. I had to resort to applying intensively hydrating masks every night just to ensure that I didn’t go all prune. That aside, I also went for a laser V-lifting treatment and scaling & polishing at CNP – HOLY MOMMA, my skin is so boingy bouncy smooth now, I wouldn’t mind letting you have a prod (with a clean finger, of course). In order to maintain the texture, I’m doing some maintenance with this scrub.

rmk-gel-scrub-1RMK Gel Scrub





I say…

The Packaging: A soft squeezy tube with a flip-top cover.

The Scent: A lovely cucumber-minty refreshing scent that perks up the senses.

The Texture: It’s a lightweight gel that contains exfoliating elements (crushed aloe, peach seed, chamomile flower, soft scrub, kiwi extract and yeast extract [which dissolve sebum that clogs pores]). These dissolve (very slowly) with massaging / when water is added. It’s a medium-level abrasiveness.

The Verdict: There are several schools of thought when it comes to facial scrubs – some like it gently, while some like it rough (in consistency, get your mind outta the gutter hurhurhur). This will appeal more to the latter (and me), because my skin does generate quite an amount of dead surface skin cells, plus the humidity causes much clogging, which requires some tough love to remove. This gives a decent scrub and leaves the skin feeling significantly smoother, and has that slight “cleansed” feel without overly stripping the skin too dry. The scent is a major plus point – it is refreshing and uplifts the mood. I like that the exfoliating bits are hosted in a gel texture, so that it spreads easily over the skin even without much water to emulsify it (versus a cream or paste). I now see why this is one of RMK’s top-selling products – it’s gentle and efficient enough, and can be used every 2-3 days. Naise.



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