Review: Burberry Lip Glow in Oxblood

And here’s a little break from my Laneige Global Beauty Camp barrage of posts (I guess I just got overly excited about sharing heh). Anyways, my lips have been surprisingly obedient these days (I’m attributing this to my nightly use of the Lip Sleeping Mask – check out my review here!), so I’ve been able to play with something that I don’t normally use – lip glosses!


Burberry Lip Glow Oxblood (1)Burberry Lip Glow in No. 23 Oxblood (limited edition) – SGD$39


Burberry Lip Glow colour

Burberry Lip Glow Oxblood (2)

Burberry Lip Glow Oxblood (3)


Burberry Lip Glow Oxblood (5)

Burberry Lip Glow Oxblood (4)Psst: I’m seriously happy with my more V-lined jaw shape these days 😀 The Lifting Laser Treatment at CNP was worth every cent!


I say…

The Packaging: It comes in a rectangular tube (instead of the usual circular ones), so it doesn’t roll off surfaces. I may sound like a broken record whenever I repeat this, but it really is a godsend considering that my tables are really old (and somewhat creaky), and have over the years become very, very slightly concaved in the centre. Instead of Burberry’s signature gunmetal colour, this limited edition one comes in gold (I LOVE). Even the box packaging is in gold. (I just wished I hadn’t agreed to have the special engraving done – it wasn’t as perfectly engraved as I’d wanted it to be 😦 ) The cap is attached to the applicator sponge, which is really pliable (aka bendy) and is easy to use when drawing the Cupid’s Bow and corners. The entire Lip Glow measures about 11.5cm tall (cap included) – 7.5cm (sans cap).

The Application: The sponge tip is soft and totally non-abrasive – it feels good against the lips when applying. Precise application is also possible because of this sponge tip. The texture is moisturising, with a very slight tinge of stickiness (not as sticky as the MAC Cinderella gloss though).

The Verdict: It gives a very good level of moistful glow – you can see from the photos that my lips actually look somewhat “juicier” after application. Surprisingly, the Oxblood shade isn’t as intensely deep as I had expected it to be, so I’m quite happy with it. It’s more of a pinkish-plum shade, which is great for someone like me who isn’t that accustomed to using darker shades (if you’ve been reading my reviews, you’ll notice that I have a penchant for bright pinks and reds). When it wears off, it doesn’t leave any remnant at all – no tint, no stain, nothing. The lips don’t feel superbly dried/chapped too – an eesny weensy bitty more moisturised than usual actually. Overall, I actually really like it – it might be the first lipgloss that I’ll be using regularly after a long time in Lipstick land 😀

 Psst: it’s a limited edition piece that you can purchase online here.




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