Review: Cosme Decorte AQ MW Repair Emulsion

I never learned how to drive (I know I just would have flunked anyway), but these days, I feel like I’ve also flunked in the driving of my whale-like body. I can’t seem to move past Gear 1 – in fact, it seems like I’m stuck in  Neutral / Parking Gear. Alas~ my multiple travels have taken their toil on me. Although I have to rely on my brother to kungfu-kick me outta bed every morning, I still don’t regret my decision hah, especially since I’ve finally managed to achieve some semblance of a V-shaped jawline with CNP’s V-Line Lifting Laser Treatment. In fact, it’s even helped scale down my multi-step skincare process because my skin is now (dare I say it) – the best it’s been in years 😀

During the recovery process, I go easy on the skin and go for gentler products such as this one from Cosme Decorte.

Cosme Decorte Repair Emulsion (1)Cosme Decorte AQ MW Repair Emulsion – SGD$153

psst: The AQ MW stands for Absolute Quality Miracle Wonder 😀


Cosme Decorte Repair Emulsion (2)

Cosme Decorte Repair Emulsion (3)

Cosme Decorte Repair Emulsion (4)

Cosme Decorte Repair Emulsion (5)

Cosme Decorte Repair Emulsion styledLook at how gorgeous the entire range is!



I say…

The Packaging: It’s beautifulllllll. The embossing and the intricacy of the designs are gorgeous! That aside, it’s a tall plastic bottle that’s wider around the middle and allows you to get a good grip on it. The cap is a pop-off type and opens to reveal a pump dispenser.

The Application: The emulsion smells wonderfully fragrant, without overwhelming the senses. The lightweight emulsion spreads easily across the skin, and feels very soothing (especially against my skin that’s been blasted to infinity by the harsh winds of Korea as well as the lasers from my V-Line Lifting Laser treatments). It is absorbed rather quickly into the skin, leaving it feeling hydrated. There’s no stickiness or greasiness, but there is a very, very, very slight sheen over the skin (which I’m guessing helps “lock” in the moisture).

The Official Description:

This supple milk lotion connects corneous cells with moisture. Plumps and softens each and every fine line, restoring skin and retaining optimum condition.

Hydrates freshly cleansed skin with a light touch, while mucinsome (moisturizer) protects skin prone to fine lines or dryness by enveloping it in a veil of moisture. Another ingredient used is the Siberian ginseng root extract which keeps skin smooth and fine-textured.

The Verdict: It’s one of those products that are gentler on the skin and serve the overall purpose of soothing and hydrating your skin – personally, I didn’t see any whitening effects, but it did help maintain the moisture levels and kept it soft and boing boing. It suffices as a day moisturiser for those who don’t like that heavy clogged-up feel on their skin, and yet is hydrating enough as a night moisturiser during the nights that you’re too lazy to go through that multi-step regime. In short – it’s a simple one-step skincare regime for days/night that you’re flat on battery power 😀 Perhaps that explains its slightly pricey tag.




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