Review / Facial: Carbon Laser Peel at South Bridge Aesthetics

Woohoo! It’s finally the final quarter of the year (well almost). This time round, I’m planning for several getaways, and you guys know that going overseas is the one time to take pretty photos galore – not sure if it’s because of the pretty sunlight, or it’s cos of the happy hormones running through my bodeh that makes me that much prettier. Ah well, in any case, I’d still look better than my current condition – damn you haze and gross dirt particles in the air! This makes me wish I had another session of this awesome Carbon Laser Peel from South Bridge Aesthetics that I’d done a month back, which is actually effective, awesome, and has extremely minimal downtime – I mean it. I patted on some  Laneige BB cushion immediately after the session (just for the SPF as well as dark circle concealing) and I was off for my day 😀


South Bridge Aesthetics (2)South Bridge Aesthetics is located at 277 South Bridge Rd, 058826


south bridge aesthetics treatment 2The clinic is located on the left-hand side of the busy South Bridge Road (near the bus lane)


South Bridge Aesthetics (3)A cosy and stylish waiting area (which I didn’t have to wait very long at anyways)

South bridge aesthetics treatment 1A cuppa tea and a hot towel to freshen up as I filled in the form asking for my medical background

South Bridge Aesthetics (5)Multiple number of treatment rooms to get your game face on!


South Bridge Aesthetics (6)And into the doctor’s room for a consultation.. but wait, where is he?


South Bridge Aesthetics (1)Voila! Here’s the damn hamsome Dr Winston Lee! (don’t say I didn’t share with you how cute he is)

Now I’ve met with quite a number of doctors in my journalistic and blogging history, and this doctor is one of the most affable and friendly ones ever – he still remains professional still, dispensing useful information and scanning my face and blemishes with those observant (and adorably squinty) eyes.

South Bridge Aesthetics (7)After a consultation with the doc who examined my face and condition, he declares me suitable for the Carbon Laser Peel treatment, and I’m led to the treatment room to commence the prettifying…

south bridge aesthetics treatment 3It’s quite a fuss-free procedure – the medical assistant takes a brush and applies the carbon (in liquid form) all over your face (after removing makeup, of course), and lets it set for several minutes. Once it’s ready, the doc will enter the room while your eyes will be covered with those goggles (kinda like those you wear for IPL sessions to block out the light), and he’ll wield his magic wand (fine, so it’s the machine) commence!

Now I’d be lying if I said it was a painless procedure – but it’s not that painful either. Note that I have a very low pain threshold  (read: I’m a giant chicken) and this doesn’t involve any numbing cream. It’s not as intense as the CNP V-line lifing treatment I did in Korea – I’d rate that as a 6.9/10, while this would be a 5.5/10. Just imagine many little pint-sized Thors summoning mini zaps of lightning onto your face. It stings slightly but it doesn’t hurt per se. It’s similar to those bolts of severe static (the type you get when you touch a doorknob with really dry hands).  The skin does get increasingly warmer as the treatment continues, but it’s not unbearable. It goes on over your entire face (where the carbon is applied). The treatment is only about 15-20 minutes anyway.

south bridge aesthetics treatment 4And voila, I’m done! Note that despite the heat induced during the treatment, the redness and splotchiness is very minimal (pardon the shellshocked expression – this was taken immediately after my goggles were removed).

south bridge aesthetics treatment 6Making my way to the dressing /makeup room to touch up – loving the steel plate curtains!  Inside they’ve got mostly everything you require  – a giant mirror, hairdryer + brushes/combs + hair products, cotton wool + tissues.


south bridge aesthetics treatment 5And me again, taken just before touching up – pretty decent eh?

Immediate effects include:

  • Smoother skin  – makeup glides on that much easier
  • Lesser clogged pores
  • Brightened skin tone

I noticed that these effects were visible for about a fortnight to 3 weeks after the treatment. Yay!

This is one of the most convenient treatments I’ve tried out – you can literally pop in during lunch, get it done within 30-45 mins, grab some food and have it at your desk! It’s that fast and easy peasy – because there’s no downtime, you can apply a light layer of makeup as well to mask the slight redness.

South Bridge Aesthetics (8)Oh, and here’s the back of the place which totally reminds me of a hipster cafe. Heh.

If you’re interested in trying out this Carbon Laser Peel, here are the deets

Price: $850 for 10 sessions (which makes it a ridiculously affordable $85 per session)

South Bridge Aesthetics

Address: 277 South Bridge Rd, 058826

Phone : 9730 8999

Email :

Opening hours: Monday to Friday – 10am to 6pm, Saturday – 10am to 3pm

Website: South Bridge Aesthetics



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