Review: Four Seasons Spa & L’Occitane at Four Seasons Singapore

Some may return from their vacations recharged, but because I (sort of) went on a rampage during my recent Korea trip (what with visiting Jeju island, doing (some) hiking, visiting many restaurants and cafes, getting my jawline tightened at CNP, my hair done with Jei, and of course, my shopping sprees that resulted in me walking a good 15k steps per day), I returned feeling rather drained. It was with much relief that I dragged my (undying) semblance of a corpse into Four Seasons Hotel to recharge at their Four Seasons Spa & L’Occitane.

Four Seasons LOccitane Spa (3)

Four Seasons LOccitane Spa (2)At the reception of the spa (it’s on a different level from the main hotel lobby reception). Here, you’ll be given your locker key and ushered to the changing rooms. But first, I was shown around the grounds where you’ll have full-day access to the sauna, steam room, swimming pool and carpark for the entire day (like woah!)

Four Seasons LOccitane Spa (4)Gorgeous swimming pool with newly-installed cabanas 😀

Four Seasons LOccitane Spa (1)Random find while wandering the grounds – a mini man-made waterfall!

Four Seasons LOccitane Spa (8)Enough of the dawdling – it’s time to head up to the changing rooms. This is what I see at first – pretty decent-sized changing rooms with numerous lockers. I approve. But wait – what’s that on the right?

Four Seasons LOccitane Spa (9)

Holy mother of super big changing rooms! This has got to be one of the largest changing rooms I’ve ever been to – it’s really like a maze (but a fun one, where every turn leads you to a pleasant surprise, such as the toilets, shower area, steam room and sauna!)

Four Seasons LOccitane Spa (10)The steam room where I wish I had some gfs to go into with, and to tie those Korean double-bun towels hurhurhur.

Four Seasons LOccitane Spa (11)All robed up and ready for my treatment! 😀 I was going to try the world-exclusive Néroli & Orchidée scrub + massage treatment. Basically it’s a superbly luxurious, relaxing and anti-ageing treatment that uses the awesome neroli oil for skincare/antioxidant benefits. More information here.

Four Seasons LOccitane Spa (5)The changing rooms are separate from the treatment rooms (and for good reason – hello, the changing rooms themselves can be an actual compound) – but fret not, it’s just across the hallway down a short corridor.

Four Seasons LOccitane Spa (6)

Four Seasons LOccitane Spa (7)Some mini snacks while waiting (although I didn’t have to wait for very long) – the therapist came to usher me into the room…

Four Seasons LOccitane Spa (12)… cosy much? Sorry for the graininess of the photo – it was ambient lighting so my phone couldn’t capture everything clearly (and I was trying to act cool in this posh setting, so I didn’t bring my camera along heh)

Four Seasons LOccitane Spa (13)A small tub of warm water with bath salts and rose petals for me to wash my feet in before I start

Four Seasons LOccitane Spa (14)Neroli awesomeness from L’Occitane – these products would be used for my treatment.

Clearly from this point onwards, I had no photos cos I was too busy luxuriating in the relaxing body scrub and massage. Like normal plebeians, I dozed off – the pressure applied was just right because the therapist actually made an effort to read through the form I’d filled up before starting the treatment.

She commenced with the scrub, making sure that while she worked on one limb, the three remaining limbs of this hawt hawt bodeh would be snugly tucked under the blankets (to keep me warm). After I was done with both the front and the back, I had to rouse myself up from the comfortable warmness to head to the showers to rinse off the scrub. The toilets are amayzing – they have everything you need, including large fluffy towels, warm cosy long thick robes, shower caps and more. After shuffling myself back to the treatment rooms, she then continued with the full-body massage where I once again lapsed into a semi-coma cos of the comfort.

Four Seasons Spa (15)And voila, that’s me, refreshed, rinsed and ready to take on the worlddddd.

One for the road – Four Seasons doesn’t just bundle you off after your treatment. You can have full-day access to the steam room, sauna, swimming pool, and even prepared this little snack for me after my treatment.


For a limited time period, Four Seasons Spa is having a One-Day Wellness Package (which I must say is SUPER value for money).

Enjoy a pampering body massage at Four Seasons Spa & L’Occitane followed by a nutritious meal at their award-winning Jiang-Nan Chun or One-Ninety Wood-fired Steaks and Seafood.

  • $180: 60-minute body massage + lunch (choose from a 4-course set at Jiang-Nan Chun or Mezze Buffet at One-Ninety).
  • $240: 90-minute body massage + lunch (choose from a 4-course set at Jiang-Nan Chun or Mezze Buffet at One-Ninety).

For appointments/queries:





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