Review: CLIO Art Blusher

I find that most people tend to stick to their safety zone when it comes to shopping for beauty products, myself included. Because I’m so convinced I can become Suzy, I tend to gravitate towards the section with the sweet and natural colours for eyeshadows and blushers.

Just check out some of my favourite blushers – NARS, Esprique Melty Fix Cheek, and The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex Petit Cheek Stick – they’re all sweet pink colours.

Even my preferred highlighters come in sweet pink shades –  CLIO Art Highlighter, The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex Pretty Angle Blusher, Etude House Aloha V-line Slim Maker (I chose the pink version over the gold version), Hera Amethyst Highlighter (the follow-up version of this was the gold-tinged Lune Highligher, which I didn’t have any overwhelming urge to buy even though I love Hera products to death and have enough highlighters to mummify myself with).

Which comes to this product – an unlikely addition to my army of act-innocent makeup products, the CLIO Art Blusher in pink – jarringly dark-toned pink.

CLIO Art Blusher

CLIO Art Blusher (1)

CLIO Art Blusher (2)Look at how dark the pink is – woah. I spent about an hour in the CLIO store in Myeongdong in January 2013, and I vaguely remember seeing this product and just ignoring it.

CLIO Art Blusher (3)Woahhhhh. It’s surprisingly natural and acceptable!

CLIO Art Blusher (4)Look at the natural radiant glow!

CLIO Art Blusher shades

Top row, L-R: Peach for a babyface glow, Light brown for sculpting and contouring, Pink (which is my shade)

Bottom row, L-R: Rose Pink, Orange Peach and Pure Pink (which is my CLIO Art Highlighter)

I say…

This Art Blusher must be feeling so maligned and misjudged. Imagine the number of people who must have bypassed it, ignoring its poor calls of “BUY ME! I’ll make you look pretty!”.

  • The powder grains are so fine and barely noticeable.
  • They don’t cake into the pores on my face.
  • There’s a certain pearly shimmer which translates into a radiant glow on the face.
  • The colour intensity is there –  so much that just ONE pat of the brush is enough for colour. This works fine by me, cos I never liked applying a lot of makeup anyway. Less is more, remember that 😀
  • If you end up over-dousing your cheeks, do what I do – just apply a small bead of BB or foundation and apply it over. The blending with the pink will result in a lovely natural glow.
  • The brush that comes with is slightly curved – not the most suitable for applying blusher, so I usually use my blusher brush instead.
  • It comes in a compact with a decent-sized mirror that fits my face in, so this gets a thumbs up from me too.

All in all, this is worth a try (as expected of Korean products – they are well made and perform well).  I’m keeping this one and not giving it away! 😀


3 thoughts on “Review: CLIO Art Blusher

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