Review: CLIO Art Highlighter

I thought that my inner highlighter monster had been subdued, but it turns out it had only been lying dormant. On my recent trip to Korea, I bought this (and several other highlighters). Why, oh why can’t I keep my money in my pocket? It’s like how Paris Hilton and Britney Spears can’t keep their undies to themselves. Sigh.

Anyhoos, once you take a look at my pictures and reviews, you might just find out why it was so hard to resist it.

clioarthighlighterNot the most impressive packaging or design, I have to agree. 

clioarthighlighter (1)CLIO Art Highlighter in Soft Pink – KRW26,000

clioarthighlighter (2)

clioarthighlighter (3)They tried to make me use their brush, but I said “no, no, no”

clioarthighlighter (4)What I use to apply my highlighters – a blending brush from Holika Holika and/or an oblique shading brush from CLIO

clioarthighlighter (5)A slight pinkish sheen on the right side of my left hand hurhurhur

clioarthighlighter (6)Hardly any powder flakes seen. Naise!

clioart1Available in 3 colours – Pearl White, Soft Pink and Light Gold

clioarthighlighter (7)Comparing with another similar highlighter that I’ve got – on the left we’ve got the Hera Amethyst Highlighter, and on the right is the CLIO Art Highlighter.

clioarthighlighter (8)A close-up: the Hera Amethyst Highlighter is slightly whiter/pearl-coloured while the CLIO Art Highlighter is more skewed towards the pink tones. 

clioarthighlighter (9)

clioarthighlighter (10)

I say…

This is a nice funsy product!

  • To be really honest, the difference between the two lies mainly in the colour tone. The Hera Amethyst Highlighter is more shimmery and has more iridescent specks that reflect more light. Plus, it has more pearl-coloured tones. If you are going for a night out or some fancy dinner, then opt for the Hera Amethyst Highlighter.
  • On the other hand, the CLIO Art Highlighter is more pinkish and really close to your skin tone = natural. According to the sales staff at CLIO Myeong Dong, you can use this for a more “lovely look” (which I take to interpret as “can be used for day”).
  • I use this either as on top of my usual blusher (to add more glow), or pile it on as a blusher – trust me, it works.
  • The CLIO Art Highlighter has such fine powder specks (betcha can’t see any from the swatches, can ya?).
  • Plus, a little goes a long way – even if you apply a slightly thicker layer, it doesn’t cake that badly and doesn’t tunnel into the depths of your pores.
  • What’s more, it comes with a plastic tray for the brush, which is slightly curved. It’ll be good for dusting on powder onto the C-zone and the cheeks, but if I were to highlight my nose bridge… Let’s just say I don’t wanna become a Sarah Jessica Parker or Barbara Streisand, so I’m sticking to my usual Holika Holika blending brush or my CLIO Shading Brush. To be fair, the brush bristles are not pokey and are really soft and smooth.

If you’re a highlighter newbie, I’d totally recommend that you get this. It’s great as a starter highlighter, it doesn’t cake, it lasts, it gives a natural glow, it’s affordable, and even if you accidentally over-apply it, it doesn’t turn you into a giant disco ball. If you find that you don’t want to highlight your face, you can just use this as a blusher.


5 thoughts on “Review: CLIO Art Highlighter

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