Review: Etude House Aloha V-line Slim Maker

I just got the best and worst news in the world today. The good news is that my colleague is going to Korea next week and I’ll have to cover her duties for one whole week (no, seriously, this is the good news). The bad news is that in return for all the information I’ve given her (accomms, where to go/shop/eat/get around etc), she’s gonna help me buy stuff back. This means… I’ll be spending money, again!

Of course, I went on a major highlighter hunt (omg etude and holika have new highlighters!). I was happily floating along on my cloud of highlighted-ness until the fabulous Grooming Editor said, “Lady, this is not pokemon leh. Not ‘gotta buy them all'”.

Which is true, of course.

This comment sent me to my drawer of beloved highlighters, and thus, today’s review will be on the very first highlighter I ever bought.

Etude house Aloha V-line Slim Maker: #01 Sun Gold / Wood Brown and #02 Sun Pink / Cherry Brown

Application and Effects

This Aloha V-line Slim Maker comes with its own non-prickly brush and brush pouch. What’s more it comes with both the highlighter and the sculpting – a really useful carry-around item. I usually whip it out and ask my friends, “Would you like to have a nose?”

In #02 Sun Pink / Cherry Brown shade. I think the other one is more suitable for those with tanned skin.

A close-up of the powder – not as fine as Hera’s Amethyst Highlighter, but then again, that’s a lot more expensive.

As you can (barely) see, the pink/highlighting part is really subtle and not very obvious. I had to lay it on several times to get the color to show. Also, at the bottom part is the brown – another barely visible color, so that it makes shading the jawline more subtle and less tranny-like.

The powder’s not as fine as I’d like it to be, so there’s a 5% chance of it sinking into your pores at the end of the day. However, you do get what you pay for, and since  I think I paid about KRW12,000 (approx SGD13), I can’t really complain much. I do get a nose and a V-line jaw out of it.

Before applying the highlighter: My nose looks kinda stubby and rounded.

After applying the highlighter: Voila, we have a nose!

Here’s how I look before and after applying the brown portion. Just use the brush, pick up the powder and brush down your entire jawline from near the ears down to your chin. As this powder is kinda light, the effect is quite barely there and very natural. You might have to apply the powder 2-3x to see it. Just remember not to overdo it – remember, tranny is a big no-no.

Before applying the sculpting powder: slightly rounded at the jawline

After applying the powder: a slightly more V-shaped jawline

I know it’s a tad hard to see the difference, but trust me, there is one. It’s more visible in real life cos you’ll be seeing it in 3D, not 2D as in the photos.

If you’re on a budget or just want to get started on your road to highlighenment, then this is the one to get.


4 thoughts on “Review: Etude House Aloha V-line Slim Maker

    • hey hey, I think you’d be better off with the No. 2 shade (the pinkish one). If you’ve already got fair/pinkish skin, it can be a good thing cos it’s rosy tinged. If you get the other colour which is slightly champagne/ gold, it might give you a sallow tinge and dull down your complexion, taking away the glow instead of enhancing it 😀

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