Review: Mamonde Jelly Blusher

So you guys know I’ve got a truckload of makeup items that could rival Alibaba’s cave of treasure (well, a downsized version anyway) – I was digging around when I unearthed this that I’d bought on my Oct 2014 trip to Korea, and I was pretty horrified that I hadn’t gotten down to using it yet. Well, lil Mamonde pal, you can take relief in the fact that you’re not alone in being neglected by this bad, bad mommy beauty hoarder.

Mamonde Jelly BlusherMamonde Jelly Blusher in Peach Coral


Mamonde Jelly Blusher poster Mamonde Jelly Blusher models

Mamonde Jelly Blusher colour swatches

Mamonde Jelly Blusher (1)The mirror is above the cap, and it comes with instructions tell you to seal the container tightly to avoid evaporation.


Mamonde Jelly Blusher (3)

Mamonde Jelly Blusher (2)A slight accumulation of liquid (from condensation? evaporation? who knows?) due to me not giving it enough love for so many months. Just a dab of tissue was enough to remove it – it didn’t affect the texture/integrity of the blush whatsoever.


Mamonde Jelly Blusher (4)

Mamonde Jelly Blusher (5)

Mamonde Jelly Blusher (6)

Mamonde Jelly Blusher (8)Wearing the coral-pink YSK Rouge Volupte in shade 33 Rose Neillia to complement the coral tint of the blush.


I say…

The Packaging: This was what appealed to me initially – the rather unique and convenient packaging. The cap has a mirror attached to the top while the cap holding the sponge also helps keep the blusher air tight and prevent it from drying out. Handsfree-application is always good! The cap is a click-on closure, while the sponge is a screw-on one.

The Application: The sponge is on the bouncy and firm side (versus the soft and squishy types). It fits perfectly into the pot, but you’ll need to do some twisting and turning to pick up enough colour. The texture of the blush is like a marshmellow on the verge of melting (but not quite, so it’s not that soft) – more malleable like soft clay. Just tap the sponge onto the apples of your cheeks, and you’re done – the sponge not only acts as an applicator but also a blender, helping to smooth out the edges of the colour.

The Colour: I went for an uncharacteristic peach/coral tinge (since I already have so many pink blushers).  There’s a slight sheen of gold glaze over the peach colour, which gives it a wonderful highlighting effect onto the natural flush. Pink (like my Peripera Cushion Blush) usually gives a sweeter impression, while this coral gives me a flushed tint.

The Verdict: It lasts pretty long (about 4-6 hours) and doesn’t oxidise. What I love is because its texture, it doesn’t sink into the potholes of my face that I call enlarged pores, and creates a overall dewy rosy flushed look. It also comes with its own pearl-sheened highlight, so it takes away the need for me to apply my cheek highlighter. I do wish I’d bought it in pink though – arghhhhh. must. stop. buying. everything hurhurhur.





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