Review: CLIO Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner

On Sunday nights,  I’ll hop into bed at around 10pm, all pampered with masks and creams and what-nots and feeling like Cleopatra). In commemoration of me feeling like Cleopatra, here’s a review on me trying to be Cliopatra (hurhurhur).

CLIO Gelpreso Gel PencilOk I know that Lee Hyori is (or rather, was) the face of CLIO – it’s now Sandara from 2NE1 which I totally can’t identify with…shouldn’t CL be a much better fit?. Anyhoos, as I was saying, Hyori’s supposed to be the face of the brand, but doesn’t this model totally look like Yoon EunHye?

CLIO Gelpreso Gel Pencil (1)CLIO Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner in Golden Black No. 7 – it’s a twist mechanism with an attached sharpener at the bottom, so don’t be a cockster and sharpen it (like I did with my silver one. argh. I’m too embarrassed to blog about the silver version)

CLIO Gelpreso Gel Pencil (4)

CLIO Gelpreso Gel Pencil (5)Apparently purple’s really popular in Korea these days. I wish I’d had more balls to buy the purple – I’m a wuss when it comes to colour experimenting.

CLIO Gelpreso Gel Pencil (2)Pretty gold shimmers set in a deep black colour

CLIO Gelpreso Gel Pencil (3)

This picture is such a visual illusion… isn’t it like seeing a giant round white planet up close and then pulling out further? HAHAHA. If you’re interested, I used the Hera HD Fix Foundation, Hera HD Powder to set, Esprique Melty Cheek Stick as a blusher, CLIO Art Blusher as a cheek highlighter and Etude House Highlighter for the nose. Not sure if you can see it, but I’m also using the Prismacolour Ebony Pencil for my brows.

I say…

This is a total score. I’ve never had much luck with gel eyeliners – as much as I love the black intensity, they just don’t stay on for long cos of my oillids. I only bought this to try… and I’m so glad I did!

  • The packaging is decent – a matte finish twist pencil with an attached sharpener at the end (again, do not sharpen it with a sharpener omg I still can’t believe I sharpened my silver version – kicks self now- once I get over the mortification, I’ll show you guys a picture)
  • There’s enough weight so that it doesn’t feel like you’re holding a straw.
  • It goes on smoothly without tugging at your eyelids, and I love it! I usually start my mornings with a make-out session with my mirror –  I’m so shortsighted and I seldom wear contact lenses to work, so I take off the glasses and apply my makeup from a distance of about 3-5cm away from the mirror. Hence, my eyeliner application method is usually more of a dab-dab-fill-in-the-gaps rather than drawing a straight line. This goes on with no problem at all.
  • There are pretty iridescent gold sparkles – a refreshing change from the usual silver / pearly ones.
  • Most importantly – the smudge level is low – note: I’m not saying it doesn’t  smudge; I’m just saying that it smudges significantly less than the rest of my gel liners, which usually do a disappearing act within 2-3 hours, and my eye line becomes an eye slime. BUT this one actually lasted from 5am~2pm. Woah. There was some  smudging (about 20-25% gone) and the colour intensity faded slightly, but there was still a discernible line. Happiness!
  • With that said, note that I only applied 1-2 coats and dabbed it veryyyyy slightly with a tissue upon first application.
  • Note: It does smudge when I apply it on my lower lashline.

I’m actually pretty excited that I’ve finally found a gel liner that has minimal smudging – Ga in smokey eyes and Hyuna slutty eyes, here I come!


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