Review: Peripera Cushion Blusher

I love how the Koreans always create some sort of trend, and then the whole world of beauty junkies just follows suit (or rather, the easily suckered ones like me hah). I’m glad to report that the cushion craze has spread not only to concealers (Laneige Watery Cushion Concealer), but also to primers and now blushers! (psst, yes I know I still owe you guys the review for Etude House’s Magic Any Cushion – guiltstricken-)

Peripera Cushion Blusher1Peripera Cushion Blusher


Peripera Cushion Blusher poster

Available in 5 colours: #1 Hey Sweet Pink, #2 Ah! Enchanting Coral, #3 Joyful Orange, #4 Throbbing Pink and #5 Fresh Lavender.



Peripera Cushion Blusher technique


Peripera Cushion Blusher2I hunted high and low across numerous Olive Youngs and Watsons in Korea just to find this shade #5 Lively Lavender (also known as Fresh Lavender) ! It was that popular!


Peripera Cushion Blusher3Squeeze gently and watch the blush be dispensed in 3 little dots

Peripera Cushion Blusher4


Peripera Cushion Blusher5

Peripera Cushion Blusher6

Etude House Skin-Fit Foundation 7Here I applied 3 layers (and the base is Etude House’s Skin-Fit Foundation)


I say…

Don’t you just love the subtle pink glow?!

  • First of all, the packaging is definitely convenient if you’re having icky dirty fingers – simply squeeze the tube gently and dab the cushion onto your cheeks.
  • Of course, you have to be prepared that the cushion will also pick up foundation/bb from your face as well.
  • When applying a little, it can be a rather sheer colour, so you ‘ll need at least 2-3 layers (but then again, it depends on what kinda look you’re going for).
  • When using the cushion applicator : You get a very glowy dewy cheek finish that makes your cheeks look so prettily flushed and firm.
  • This takes away the need to double up with a cheek highlighter. Just be sure to let it sit and dry first – it goes on relatively wet.
  • Did I mention that the cushion is really soft?)
  • If that’s too much for you, simply blend in with your finger tips, and you’ll get a slightly more matte finish.
  • Cos it’s quite lightweight, it doesn’t sink into the potholes that I call pores on my face (phew).
  • The only thing I have an issue with is the cleanliness – eventually, the puff will become a hotbed of germs, so it’s really essential that you remove the puff (see instructions above) and clean it from time to time. But alas, since I’m not a goddess like Lee Hyori or Hyuna, I am prone to human-like sins such as being a sloth, as well as being a clumsy oaf. No BB Cushion puff has yet to survive my washing sessions. Let’s hope this is less delicate.
  • The colour also lasts pretty long – at least a good 6 hours (provided you don’t be prodding and brushing against your face with your palms the whole day).

I wish I’d bought this in more colours, simply cos it’s fun and easy to use. Plus, there’s the added perk that everytime I tap it against my cheeks, it makes me feel like I’ve got bounce in my cheeks – oh yeah, baybeh got back and baybeh got bounce yo!



14 thoughts on “Review: Peripera Cushion Blusher

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  7. The tube cap looks more like #5 fresh lavender colour?? I got #1, my cap colour is different from yours… Colour Also not so pink ~

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