Review: Etude House Princess Happy Ending Belle Rose Cheek Blusher

There are things in life that are naturally gorgeous –  Emma Watson, Megan Fox, Scarlet Johansson, me (muahahaha, see how stealthily I snuck that in? hurhurhur), and of course, roses. I may not be big on receiving fresh flowers (I just get so upset when they droop, wither and die on me), but I can still appreciate how pretty they look. The beauty of roses is further amplified when combined with beauty products such as blushers. Just take a look at these Etude House blushers which I received during the opening of Etude House’s largest flagship store in the world, and you’ll know what I mean.

Etude House Belle Rose Cheek BlusherEtude House Princess Happy Ending Belle Rose Cheek Blusher – S$16 each




Etude House Disney Princess rangeThe Princess Happy Ending range comes in Snow White, Cinderella, Belle and Jasmine


Etude House Belle Rose Cheek Blusher poster



Etude House Belle Rose Cheek Blusher1

Etude House Belle Rose Cheek Blusher2

Etude House Belle Rose Cheek Blusher3#1 Pink Shine Rose is a pale baby pink while #Coral Shine Rose is a more vivid peach-coral shade

Etude House Belle Rose Cheek Blusher4

Etude House Belle Rose Cheek Blusher5

Etude House Belle Rose Cheek Blusher6Left: Pink Shine Rose, Right: Coral Shine Rose (click to enlarge) psst: If you like the eyeshadow (yes, I’m wearing orange/pink eyeshadow!), it’s from CLIO. Review to come this week!


I say…

  • Etude House sure has gone a little further than usual for this range – even the box packaging is pretty. It’s kinda like a novel/book if you stand it on its side 😀
  • The blusher itself is encased in a flat, round case measuring about 5.8cm in diameter with a click-top.
  • Too bad that there isn’t a mirror nor brush with this though.
  • The blush comes in a beautiful rose emblem.
  • There’s a very faint floral scent in the blusher.
  • The powder grains are realllllly fine – there’s barely any visible fall-off.
  • #1 Pink Shine Rose: This is a very sweet baby pastel pink with a faint pearly sheen. It’s great for those who prefer a more natural flush. You can apply several layers on and it builds nicely into a pinker flush – this is particularly good for those who tend to be heavy-handed. The sheer pearly sheen is also great for creating the illusion of a healthy pink glow without overdoing the dewy effect.
  • #2 Coral Shine Rose: This is more pigmented of the two. The blush itself is a beautiful vivid coral-peach colour, and has a distinct gold pearly sheen to it. If you apply many layers, it will build into something that’s almost orangey. This is a colour that may not suit all, so go easy during application, or you might end up with orange-gold cheeks. When applied sparingly, it gives a healthy sun kissed coral colour. The glow is more pronounced in this shade.
  • Beauty tip: What I do is to apply #1 Pink Shine Rose first, and then dust a light sprinkling of #2 Coral Shine Rose over the cheekbones as a blusher-highlighter. 😀
  • They last surprisingly long – the entire day from 12pm to 10pm without oxidising or sinking into my enlarged pores too. I’m pretty impressed!

I haven’t used powder blushers in a while (I’ve been using the Esprique Melty Fix stick blusher, and then the Peripera Cushion blusher), and suddenly, because of these, I’m in love with them again 😀 Get them quickly before they’re sold out – these are limited edition items.



One thought on “Review: Etude House Princess Happy Ending Belle Rose Cheek Blusher

  1. I have the Coral blush and I love the golden shimmer it gives. It is such a pretty shade…The packaging is georgeous 🙂

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