Review: 3CE Cream Blusher – #New Pink

My memory is failing me – I had no idea that I’d actually bought this until I re-organised my room a couple of days ago and unearthed this. But then again, I seem to be going on a blush-review rempage, possibly sparked off by the awesome new MAC Mineralize Blush I tried. Or maybe I’m just losing all colour in my skin because of a lack of sleep – who knows hurhurhur.

3CE Cream Blusher New Pink (1)3CE Cream Blusher

3CE Cream Blusher New Pink colorsAvailable in 4 colours – Coral Coral, Soft Orange, Baby Peach and New Pink


3CE Cream Blusher New Pink poster 1

3CE Cream Blusher New Pink (2)

3CE Cream Blusher New Pink (3)

3CE Cream Blusher New Pink (4)

3CE Cream Blusher New Pink (5)The Face: Etude House Skin-Fit Foundation, The lips: MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick in Be A Lady

It’s not as pink as it appears on the mode / back of my hand, perhaps because of the base makeup, and I also didn’t apply that much. To achieve that super powder-pink effect, just apply more (but make sure you blend it in!)



I say…

The Packaging: It’s a long slim tube measuring about 11cm in height (including the 1.5cm funnel tip) and about 3.5cm across. Because of the slim funnel tip, it gives you more control when squeezing the tube to dispense the cream blush.

The Scent: No scent again – I’m beginning to see a trend in 3CE’s products – their Creamy Lip Color isn’t scented as well.

The Texture: It’s a medium-consistency cream blush that spreads easily and blends easily too. Note that this is only if you apply a normal pea-sized amount of product – too much, and you’ll find that the colour pigments start getting chalky/powdery (i.e. harder to blend in and it will start sinking into the pores). The finish is a good balance of matte and dewy reflecting light at certain angles, without looking overly moist).

The Verdict: This is kind of like the hipster, cooler older sister version of Peripera’s Cushion Blush (which is totally cutesy). I bought this in #New Pink, which is really similar to Peripera’s Fresh Lavender shade, except that this one requires the use of your fingers (and some actual skill in blending). For the convenience factor, I would rather take Peripera – simply because the cushion makes application more hygienic and blending easier (on the premise that I regularly wash the puff sponge applicator). If you’re more artfully skilled with the digits than I am, this wouldn’t be too bad of a product to try out.


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