Review: ELF Studio Lip Exfoliator

Despite my love for lip products, I’m a bit miffed that they always deteriorate after eating and drinking, and my dry lips do absolutely nothing when I try to touch up. I’ve tried several lip scrubs before, but they were sort of “messy” in the sense that you had to use your fingers / a cotton bud etc. This, however, seems pretty handy.

elf-studio-lip-exfoliator-1ELF Studio Lip Exfoliator








I say..

The Packaging: A metal casing with the usual lipstick bullet.

The Scent: A sweet scent (which I guess is because of its sugar ingredient).

The Texture: Now this is pretty much like a pumice stone for your lip – it’s solid, abrasive, and has little bits to help scrape off those flakey bits. You must moisten/wet your lips before using this (else it’ll be like rubbing sandpaper across your lips!). Simply apply it to your lips (as you would any other lipstick), and rub it in gentle circular motions. There won’t be any foaming or lather etc – you’ll find that the flakey bits are either on the lip exfoliator bullet itself, or on your lips. Wipe both your lips and the bullet with a tissue, and you’ll have softer, smoother lips. I guess it’s a supposed plus point that your lips are left tasting sweet (cos of the sugar).

The Verdict: I did have a phobia of ants overruning this lip product (cos it contains sugar), but thankfully, there weren’t any. phew. That aside, it’s a pretty handy item to have on hand, especially if you have dry lips or if you want to touch up your lipstick after eating and drinking. The bullet is surprisingly left mostly in shape (even after coming into contact with wet lips) – I like that it doesn’t get mushy (like how soap bars become, after coming into contact with wet bodies). All you need is some water to wet the lips, and a tissue sheet.  It seems to be ridiculously affordable as well, at USD$3, so I dare say it’s worth a try.


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