Review: 3CE White Milk Cushion

I have to admit I’m sometimes overly reliant on the SPF factor in a makeup product, rather than applying a sunscreen directly. I know, I know, lazy bum much. But I’m very glad to report that with this product, I’ve been diligently applying sunscreen errrrday 😀

3ce-white-milk-cushion-13CE White Milk Cushion












I say…

The Packaging: It comes in the usual BB cushion compact casing – with an inbuilt mirror and a sponge puff on the airlock tray. The sponge puff comes in a sweet pastel sky-blue shade.

The Scent: A milky powdery scent that’s mild and pleasant.

The Texture: It is lightweight, and isn’t too “wet” – when you first apply it, it instantly refreshes your skin, hydrating and moisturising it with a cooling effect. It then settles into a semi-dewy finish that allows your next layer of makeup to sit and adhere to it easily (without getting streaky). It also instantly “brightens” up your complexion by creating a milky-white tone – it’s not chalky or pasty white, but it will definitely result in your face looking a different shade from your neck.

The Verdict: This is definitely a much more convenient and faster method of applying sunscreen – just pat it on before your makeup and you’re done! You can use this as a makeup base as well – it helps even out the skintone slightly / brighten your skin. I apply Etude House’s Any Cushion in peach over it, and then finish it off with Laneige’s Anti Ageing Cushion 😀 Despite the triple layer of cushions, there’s no caking/oxidising/patchiness.  I guess you could try to use this over your makeup, but it will add a very slight whitish tinge, so I wouldn’t recommend it. After all, most BB cushions these days come with SPF as well, so you could use those to touch up. That aside, this sun protection BB cushion is definitely something I’d buy once it runs out~ Available in Singapore from Sephora, or online from StyleNanda.




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