Review / Swatches: Missha x Minions Cushion Lip Crayon

I’ve sometimes been likened to a minion – short, round, yellow and oddly optimistic to the point of insanity. Ah well, I suppose there could be worse comparisons. Anyhoo, I pretty much had a minion-like moment of excitement when I found out that there was gonna be a Missha x Minions edition of products – alllll. But damn, cos I’m not physically in Korea, I’d had to rely on helpful friends to help me grab whatever was left on the shelves.

missha-minions-cushion-lip-crayon-1Missha x Minions Cushion Lip Crayon





I say…

The Packaging: A standard long crayon measuring around 12cm in length (cap inclusive).

The Scent: A fruity scent for both. Me likey!

The Texture: The yellow Stuart version serves more as a tinted lip balm, while the red Carl version is a lip crayon. Both glide on relatively easily, but I do note that the Stuart version is more hydrating and moisturising. Red Carl doesn’t quite sit nicely on my dry lips, and seems to draw focus on the fine lines and flakey bits. Meh.

The Verdict: They’re generally easy to use, but for this, I’d say to either use the yellow Stuart version, which helps to hydrate and moisturise the lips. Otherwise, go for a deeper rich red version (which I didn’t manage to get), cos brighter colours might draw unwanted attention to dry lips. The Cushion portion is at the bottom, which one might initially not find because it’s also at the part where you twist to raise the lippie bullet. However, I don’t see much need for it since it’s not superbly creamy – which therefore means there’s not much “movement” when you try to blend it into an ombre effect. Yes there is some gradiation for the colour, but it otherwise tends to sink into the fine lines of the lips.



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