Review/Swatches: Innisfree Real Fit Lipstick – 6 shades

I’m incorrigible when it comes to buying lippies – of course, I’d buy the entire range if I could, but that doesn’t make financial sense, nor do I have the space to store them. I’ve thus settled for buying 1 from each colour family – pink, red, orange, coral, berry. Yes yes, I know it’s still ridiculous, but I’m tryinggggg mah besttttt.

innisfree-real-fit-lipstick-1Innisfree Real Fit Lipstick




innisfree-real-fit-lipstick-5Available in 15 shades in Singapore




sulwhasoo-perfecting-cushion-intense-10Face: Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion Intense, Lips: Innisfree Real Fit Lipstick in shade 12, Cheeks: Mille Beaute Versailles Rosy Blusher

I say…

The Packaging: A plastic cylindrical typical lipstick tube, but with a clear transparent bottom so you can see the lipstick colour.

The Scent: Almost none. An extremely slight whiff of fruitiness if you inhale superrrr deeply.

The Texture: Glides on easily without pulling on the lips. Colour pigmentation as well as wear time are medium.

The Verdict: The richer colours will be able to show up well with just 1-2 layers, but lighter shades such as shade 15 will require several layers. Even though it appears pretty hydrating when you first apply it, it actually sets into a semi-matte finish (about 50: 50) – it’s not a creamy-type of lipstick where you’ll get intense coverage and moisture/glossy lips. This also means that it doesn’t sit well on dry/chapped lips (see photo with shade 11 as proof) – flakey bits will be emphasised on. When it wears off, it leaves a slight tint, but is also visible in the fine lines of the lips (which doesn’t look too pretty). Overall, best suited for wear on well-hydrated lips; otherwise, be sure to apply a layer of vaseline/balm prior, and exfoliate too~


2 thoughts on “Review/Swatches: Innisfree Real Fit Lipstick – 6 shades

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