Review/Swatches: Rollover Reaction Sueded Lip & Cheek Cream – 8 shades

Yoohoo~ How was your Mother’s Day weekend?  I actually had a very restful one – cos le momma is so hip and happening, she jetted off overseas with le papa. Hohoho. With the extra time on my hands, I decided to do a mass clearance of the room, which unearthed these babies from Rollover Reaction.

Rollover Reaction: The Nude Set – IDR645,000

The Nude Collection consists 5 full-sized Sueded shades.

  • Lizzy: Nude soft tone greyed-out beige
  • Lucy: Soft nude peach
  • Prudence: Warm brown red brick
  • Saddie: Soft nude mauve
  • Sally: Soft nude in dusty pink

The Clique – IDR387,000

The Clique is a collection of three grunge brown-tone shades of SUEDED! Lip and Cheek Creams that are richly pigmented.

I say…

Now in general, these are all from the same range of Sueded Lip and Cheek Creams, just packaged and sold in differing families of shades. The Nude Set is, well, as its name suggests – nude, wearable colours for a day basis. The Clique,

The Packaging: An angular tube with a frosted matte finish. The sponge tip applicator is slightly curved, and makes for rather soft and accurate application.

The Scent: A sweet aromatic vanilla-ish scent.

The Texture: Creamy, and glides relatively smoothly over the lips (especially for a matte lippie). The colour pigmentation is intense, and sets into a finish that’s not too drying. – during the initial application, you can still glide your upper and lower lips over each other. Once it sets, I must say there’s a slight “powdery, velvety” sort of finish (in essence, it’s not a moist, glossy finisy).

The Verdict: As someone who is naturally adverse to matte lippies based on the fact that I have ultra dry and flakey lips, this is actually pretty decent. It fills up the fine lines, plumps up the lips slightly, has intense colour and stays on rather well – say about 4-6 hours. Once you’ve done the eating/drinking, you’ll find that although most of the colour stays put, it can lose its opacity by about 10-20%, and the lip colour gets patchy. Eventually, it’ll become flakey (maybe after 6 hours or s), and this is where you need to whip out the lip exfoliator/scrub. Overall, a decent dupe for those famed “Kylie” nude lip colours (that I’ve heard are very drying). You can get the Nude Set here, and the Clique set here.


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