Review: Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop Lip Balm

I love, love a bright pop of colour on the face, simply cos my wardrobe consists of nothing more than black and animal preens. Even my bags are black and animal preens – I’m such a bore in a hole (a deep and dark one). Some of my current favourites include Peripera’s Cushion Lips, YSL Rouge Volupte shade 33 and Etude House’s Dear My Wish Lips Talk. Let’s see if these can muscle their way into my top 3 weekly list 😀


Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop Lip Balm 1Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop Lip Balm


Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop Lip Balm 24 of the 6 shades available (I’m missing Minty Sheer and Strike A Rose)




 Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop Lip Balm 5Fierce & Tangy: A very faint yellowish tinge said to have lemon flavour. It can somewhat emphasis the yellow undertones of the skin, so I’d recommend this for those who have redder skintones.


Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop Lip Balm 6Oh! Orange!: there’s a very pale coral-orange sheen to this as well as an orange flavour – yummm. It can have a slightly washed-out effect (as you can see), so try not to wear this on days that you’re looking a little Edward Cullen on a two-week bloodless diet.


Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop Lip Balm 7Berry Bomb: Of the 4 I have, this is my least favourite. It makes my lips look somewhat darker than they should. The colour tinting isn’t very even as well, so I just look like I’ve got Frozen lips – I need to Let this Lippie Go.

 Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop Lip Balm 8Pink Shock: Not surprisingly, this one is my favourite cos it’s got a nice rose pink tint as well as a watermelon flavour.


I say…

The Packaging: It comes sealed in a cardboard/plastic packaging that is surprisingly easy to open – just lift up a tiny corner of the perforations and then pull it open. The Lip Balm itself has a click-on cap with a twist-up rotation – nothing fancy here.

The Scent: True to its name, each tint does have its own scent.

The Colour: Even though I wasn’t expecting any intense colours (because of the “balm” in the name), my expectations were raised slightly because of the product itself (like woah, hot pink and bright orange lippies?) Too bad the colour payoff isn’t as intense. That said, it did serve its function well – the colours were a good natural tint while the gloss was medium and the hydration was good.

The Verdict: It’s a pretty decent lip balm that serves its purpose and brings a lil’ something extra in the form of a colour tint. Best for people who prefer a more natural look or are starting to experiment with colours for the first time. For a slightly higher colour intensity, go for Aritaum’s Ginger Sugar Tint Lip Balm, and for a medium colour intensity, try Aritaum’s Honey Melting Tint. For super lippie colour power love, I say lipsticks rullllleeee!



One thought on “Review: Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop Lip Balm

  1. I have the green one. (mint sheer)
    It helps to exfoliate my lips SOOOO much. I love it. So far, it’s the only lip balm that really hydrates my lips! And it works pretty well. 🙂

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