Review: Crabtree & Evelyn Damask Rose Daily SPF45 Lotion

The weather these days has taken a turn (but I wouldn’t say for the worst or better) – the wind is still cooling, but the sunlight – holy mama – the sunlight is so glaring and hurts my eyes so much that I’m pretty sure Edward cheated on that sulky #onexpressiononly chick by sneaking into my room at night and turning me into a vampire with a bite. Besides bringing on the majorly large sunnies, I’m also piling on the sunblock. I must not turn into a pile of dust and ashes nooooo~~~~

Crabtree Evelyn Damask Rose Daily SPF45 LotionCrabtree & Evelyn Damask Rose Daily SPF45 Lotion


Crabtree Evelyn Damask Rose Daily SPF45 Lotion (1)

Crabtree Evelyn Damask Rose Daily SPF45 Lotion (2)

Crabtree Evelyn Damask Rose Daily SPF45 Lotion (3)

Crabtree Evelyn Damask Rose Daily SPF45 Lotion (4)


I say…

The Packaging: I’m quite happy with these little fat tubs (similar to that of Sulwhasoo’s Renodigm Dual Care Cream) cos they give me a better grip, and won’t topple over that easily on the dresser – trust me, it’s a warfield out there in my room. It has a flat-topped pump system that again gives a good firm non-slippery grip (again, super useful when my hands are somewhat covered with the many skincare products applied prior to this sunblock). The cap is a click-on one, and thankfully is rather secure – I absolutely hate those that are loose, and when you try to pick it up using only the cap, the body falls off (and crashes and burns and breaks gah).

The Scent: I’m not usually a fan of rose-scented products, but this one must have an addition of some other herbs/scents, cos it smells so, so good!

The Texture: It’s smooth and creamy, but not heavy. It spreads out easily and blends into the skin without much patting/massaging required. Besides bringing a slight increase to the skin’s hydration levels,  I also love that it somehow brings a brightening effect to the skin with a touch of glow so that you can also use it as a primer or makeup base. However, since it’s so lightweight without much of a greasy/sticky afterfeel, I actually indulged myself and use this as a body sunblock as well – I know, I know, too much of a waste, but hey, since it smells so good, it doubles up as a body fragrance as well.

The Verdict: I’m pleasantly surprised by this since Crabtree & Evelyn isn’t particularly known for its skincare range (more for its home, bath and body stuff), but judging by the Micellar water as well as this product, it’s getting off to a pretty decent start. If you’re a person who loves olfactory pleasures or home pampering with a mid-performance product (as well as a relatively affordable price tag), try this. Note: Those with sensitive skin types may want to do a patch test since the strong scented ingredients may/may not set off a reaction (my skin reacts to certain scented products, hence this disclaimer).


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