Review: Peripera Peri’s Cushion Lips

The whole cushion trend is so in these days, starting with the BB cushions, and now it’s spreading to concealersblushers and lippies.  I’m seeing why – it takes away the need for an external applicator (i.e. a brush or sponge). Yes yes, it’s a perfect fit for a lazy bum arse like me then 😀


Peripera Cushion Lips 0Peripera Peri’s Cushion Lips


Peripera Cushion Lips poster


Peripera Cushion Lips colours1

Peripera Cushion Lips 1

Peripera Cushion Lips 2 A very soft sponge tip for application


Peripera Cushion Lips 3The lip tint is dispensed by squeezing the body tube with medium pressure.

Peripera Cushion Lips 4
Peripera Cushion Lips 5

peripera cushion lips 7a



Peripera Cushion Lips 7

Peripera Cushion Lips 9


I say…

  • PK08 Bye Nineteen: This is a bright neon pink.
  • PK06 Play More: This is a rich fuchsia pink.
  • The tube is pretty small, at about 9.5cm in length including the cap.
  • The portion of the tube with the product is only 7.5cm.
  • You dispense it by squeezing the body of the tube – even though it is a new product, it doesn’t seem to be chockfull of lip tint, and you’ll need to exert quite some pressure to squeeze out the tint.
  • The sponge tip is great for full lip colour application on the lips, and for going around the corners as well as the Cupid’s Bow.
  • If you don’t dispense extra tint (i.e. from the previous application), you can simply dab it on the lops and create a Korean gradiation lip effect.
  • There’s absolutely no scent to the lip tint.
  • It dispenses as a liquid that is highly pigmented and dries up in medium time – about 15 seconds or so. It’s not the quickest to dry, but I like it, so that I can “pull” the colour tint and spread it all over the lips.
  • Beauty tip: In fact, because it doesn’t dry that quickly, it is rather ideal for usage as a blush (when you’re in public and don’t have a blusher on hand).
  • Even though it’s a mostly matte finish, it isn’t overly drying (in fact it’s slightly hydrating).
  • After extended wear, it becomes slightly dry  and starts sinking into creases and fine lines of the lips.
  • The colour intensity is comparable to Innisfree’s Creamy Tint Lip Mousse, except it’s easier to get a gradiation effect with this sponge tip.
  • After it fades, it leaves a stain (which has pros – it leaves a lasting stain and cons – it’s slightly hard to remove).


Overall, I am pretty happy with these two colours I got – I just wish I’d gotten them in all other colours. 😀




9 thoughts on “Review: Peripera Peri’s Cushion Lips

  1. Hallo! First of all I love your blog! Very funny and informative. I love the rich fuschia color on you! I’m kind of confused though. Seeing the swatches beforehand, I scratched my head upon seeing the labels on your picture wearing half PK08 and half PK06. Is it kind of mixed up? My bad if it isn’t the case! My eyes are betraying me! >_<;

    • Hey Callista

      This’ll teach me to watch dramas while editing photos 😀 Thanks for catching it – luckily I’m a photo hoarder so I still have the raw file and have uploaded a correct version already 😀 You’re absolutely right!

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    • hello! I bought these in Korea from Olive Young, but I think they’re also available in Singapore (either at Robinsons or Watsons – not sure about which one.

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