Review: Laneige Clear-C Advanced Effector

Even though I had a crazy December last year, I somehow find myself very re-energised and raring to start the new year this month. Perhaps it’s the several days of 12-hour sleeps I got, or perhaps  it was the bountiful nutrition I got from the massive feasting – who knows. -pats tummy in contentment- Anyhoos, here’s something else that’s put the spring in my step and the radiance in my skin – something new from Laneige -YAYYYY-

Laneige Clear-C Advanced EffectorLaneige Clear-C Advanced Effector – SGD$56

Laneige Clear-C Advanced Effector IGMy instagram photo of it when I got it sometime in December 2014 – purdee, right? 😀

Laneige Clear-C Advanced Effector info


Laneige Clear-C Advanced Effector (1)This upgraded version of the original Clear-C Effector has upped the ante with its prettier packaging as well as accompanying sidekick (aka fancy cotton pads)

Laneige Clear-C Advanced Effector (2)Bringing you better customer service with little extras, such as these markings on the side of the bottle to help you gauge how many days you have to rush out and restock.


Laneige Clear-C Advanced Effector (3)

Laneige Clear-C Advanced Effector (4)

Laneige Clear-C Advanced Effector (7)

Laneige Clear-C Advanced Effector (8)

Laneige Clear-C Advanced Effector (5)

Laneige Clear-C Advanced Effector (6)

Laneige Clear-C Advanced Effector (10)

Laneige Clear-C Advanced Effector (9)The watery texture differs from the original Clear-C Effector’s semi-viscuous gel-like consistency.


Laneige Clear-C Advanced Effector (11)An almost-instant increase in skin radiance! :O


I say…

The Packaging: Tall frosted glass bottle (sounds familiar? Every other treatment toner / first care essence I’ve tried comes in this packaging). However, this differs because it also comes with a pump system.The pump is created specially to dispense 2.5ml (which will be an appropriate amount for the entire face), and of course, is also for hygiene purposes. It even comes with special markings along the side of the bottle to serve as a product remnant gauge.

The Value-add: I know it probably doesn’t make much of a difference, but I absolutely adore the fact that it comes with its very own box of 60 specially-designed cotton pads. Textured on one side (for day use) and smooth on the other (for night use), the instructions also come with illustrations and special application motions. The generously large-sized cotton pads can cover your 2nd, 3rd, and 4th fingers, and are soft (but not particularly fluffy so that they don’t leave lint all around the face).

The Ingredients: With a formulation that boasts a 92.5% content of ‘superberries’ – Acerola and Acai Berry extract – this essence is said to prevent the formation of pigmentation, freckles and delay premature signs of aging, thus giving you a clear, translucent and radiant and complexion. Although they are good for the skin and body, vitamin C and antioxidants are unstable compounds, which explains why you should always keep your Vitamin C products out of the sun to prevent any reactions. To help preserve the antioxidant effects and stabilise the active ingredients (Vit C and superberry extract), Laneige has incorporated a patented Silicum Capture Technology, which are silica particles that absorb minerals and hydrogen negative ions. For the full list of ingredients, click here.

The Scent: The scent is rather mild but somewhat distinctive of Laneige – I can’t quite pinpoint which other product has a similar scent (I can defo rule out the Water Sleeping Pack). It’s not overpowering / overwhelming and doesn’t set off my overly sensitive nose, which is great.

The Texture: It is liquid and watery (it’s not the same gel-hybrid consistency of its predeccesor). When applied using bare hands, it is absorbed very quickly and easily even without patting. (In fact, it’s absorbed even faster than Secret Key’s Starting Treatment Essence).

The Aftermath: The skin is refreshed, softer and smoother – in fact, I daresay my skin even felt slightly velvet-smooth after application (at the risk of sounding creepy, I couldn’t stop caressing my skin!) – I could attribute this slightly to the presence of the silica particulars.  After just 1 week, the skin also looks more radiant. There was more bounce to the skin as well – boing boing is belly gooood.

The Verdict: I love it! I mean, it smells soothing, leaves no residue, makes my skin feel and look better – there’s really not much to dislike. At SGD$56, it’s a mid-priced item, but since it’s the start of the year I say go forth and invest in this heavy heaping of vitamins and antioxidants for the skin.



10 thoughts on “Review: Laneige Clear-C Advanced Effector

  1. I’m a big fan of your blog. I’m 16 and was interested in getting a cushion bb. I have dry skin in some parts of my face but my nose becomes oily. What would you recommend me? Do I need to use powder? I do not really like to use it .-. How lasts about a bb cushion without powder?

  2. I started using this treatment toner this morning and so far I love it! Its a shame that from price POV it can be a little bit on the pricier side (one bottle last a month so it’s almost $2 per day), and if I use the laneuge basic skin refiner afterwards, I feel like I’m “wiping” the treatment toner out of my skin 😦

    • Yes that’s true, if you break it down like that.. IOPE and Hera are slightly pricier though. That’s the reason why I prefer using my hands to apply so nothing goes to waste (and since the cotton pads are so thick, I like to use them for nail polish removal) XD

  3. Hello!!

    Stumbled upon your blog whilst looking for reviews on products! I was so happy to read that you’ve tried all 3 products im considering!

    So between TheFaceShop’s SMIM Total Concentrate, Innisfree’s soybean energy light & Laneige Clear C Effector, which is your favourite and why?

    Please help, I cant decide which to try! 😀

    P.S I’m a current user of Laneige white plus renew original essence so im thinking of Laneige but am willing to try others if they work better!

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