Review: Laneige Clear C Effector

The sense of smell is so underrated – sometimes, the scent of a product is what draws me to buy it, like this product. Now, my skin doesn’t take well to some of Laneige’s products, but just cos I love how it smells, I still spend the money to buy it (and then regret and try to sell it away).  What’s more, Laneige fans should know that there’s a very distinctive scent associated with Laneige products and it’s just so, so, awesome.

A rather thick gel-like liquid

After patting for just a couple of seconds.. it’s absorbed!


I say…

  • I love the scent of this! It smells so refreshing, uplifting and to a strange extent, makes me want to eat it. Don’t ask me why.
  • It is quickly absorbed and doesn’t leave a sticky residue.
  • There is no oily film also.
  • My skin has relatively more “bounce” to it and feels slightly firmer immediately after application.
  • However, I don’t see any “wow” effects – I mean, it doesn’t make my skin break out either, but there’s no significant improvement unlike the DRx Max-C, which made my pores shrink and skin look clearer.
  • Perhaps this is just a less potent version of a Vitamin C serum.
  • If you want to get this, I’d suggest you use it as a toner (to get rid of uncleansed residual makeup) and also as a serum / lotion for day usage under your makeup since it’s so light.

2 thoughts on “Review: Laneige Clear C Effector

  1. .o. I was so tired i wasn’t going to comment anywhere today….. but then you posted about Laneige and I HAVE TO EEE ❤ ahaha

    ;~; laneige smells so good… it's like.. snow in the perfect meadow between the mountains with an amazing sunrise in the background and flowers still on the ground ❤

    O.o odd. normally laneige has a huge wow-factor. Hmmmm wonder what the description is. it might be just a supplement or ampules(sp?).

    I want to trrryyyy ;A;

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