Sneak Preview: Laneige Two-tone Lip Bar Swatches

Omg this has to be such a great start to the new year – Laneige will be launching these in a month or so, and I got a sneak preview of them at a media event this week (the launch of their Collagen skin brightening drink with no sugar and low calories – more info to come soon!).

Placed on the table were these babies, and since I had arrived super early, I managed to get them to myself to swatch.

Unfortunately, the labels on the products were way too, too minuscule to see (and the reflection of the glossy sticker wasn’t helping either), so I’m unable to label them with the corresponding numbers.

These are scheduled to be launched in February 2015 in Korea and March 2015 in Singapore, so once I get my hands of them, I’ll get back with the names. In the meantime, you can start deciding which ones you wanna buy 😀 [UPDATE: If you wanna see how they look like when worn, click here to check out my Sneak Preview 2, or read my full review with labelled and named swatches]

Laneige Two-tone lip barLaneige’s Two-tone Lip Bar has a rectangular stick shaped as well as two colours incorporated for that easy gradient / just-bitten look. It comes in a total of 10 shades, but only 8 had reached Singapore for the preview. (update: Check out this post for swatches of all 10 shades!)





Laneige Two-tone Lip Bar Swatches 2


Laneige Two-tone Lip bar swatchesTrying out all 8 shades here – I only remembered Red Blossom cos it was my favourite.

First impressions: Easy to use, convenient, medium-level shine and great colour intensity.

Availability: February 2015 (Korea), March 2015 (Singapore)

Price: SGD$34 each

(Update: Click here to check out all 10 shades, or click here to read the full review and find out how to apply them to get the perfect gradient Kpop ombre lips!)

(Update 2: March 2016: They have launched 4 new shades for the Lip Bar as well as 4 new Shadow Bars).


Must. Buy. Them. ALLLLLL 😀




6 thoughts on “Sneak Preview: Laneige Two-tone Lip Bar Swatches

  1. Wow, they look amazing! The packaging is so lux! I just hope that the two tone effect isn’t too stark on the lips.

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