Review: AmorePacific Live Bright Enzyme Peel

Now you guys have heard me going on and on about how awesome I am – you must think I have the thickest skin ever. And to some extent, I guess you’re right. However, as shameless as I am, it still doesn’t mean my skin is thick enough to endure scrubs and exfoliation everyday. I was a fan of Dermalogica’s Daily MicroExfoliant (until it ran out and I had to restrain myself from buying another bottle cos I have wayyyy too much skincare). Nowadays, I alternate between the harsher ones with the more abrasive bits (GlamGlow Tingexfoliate) and the gently ones like this AmorePacific peel.

AmorePacific Live Bright Enzyme PeelAmorePacific Live Bright Enzyme Peel – KRW60,000

AmorePacific Live Bright Enzyme Peel 1

AmorePacific Live Bright Enzyme Peel 2When you open it, there’s a little seal to prevent the moisture from getting in. There’s a little “reservoir” for the product – essentially, this prevents the product from gushing out in one whole chunk when you tip the bottle to dispense the product.


AmorePacific Live Bright Enzyme Peel 3

AmorePacific Live Bright Enzyme Peel 4


I say…

The Packaging: It comes in a matte-finish exterior casing bottle with a screw-open cap. There’s also a little enclave termed the “reservoir” where it holds just enough for one usage.

The Scent: Nil. Nada. Zilch. Not fussed about it. Artificial scents are overrated anyway (plus my skin is sensitive to certain scents, so I’m even happier that this has no scent).

The Application: To “activate” the “reservoir”, turn the bottle upside down (and then back upright) – this will tip out enough for one usage. You can then pour it out onto your palm (without fearing the entire bottle’s contents gushing out). I usually dispense this onto wet palms (just wet, not containing a little pool of water). Work it up into a rich foam (not much bubbles here) – it will get gradually thicker, and you’ll notice a distinct decrease in temperature of the lather as well. It doesn’t become cold, just about 3-5 degrees cooler. Rub/massage it all over your face, avoiding the eye area. Rinse off.

The Aftermath: Because there aren’t any bits in the lather, this peel is considerably gentle and leaves your skin soft and smooth without the stripped-clean squeaky clean feeling. The skin feels thoroughly cleansed. There’s a slight increase in skin fairness – which is considered normal since you’ve just removed gunk from the skin.

Overall: When I first bought this product, it was mostly because of a “want” – “I want to buy something from AmorePacific but I can’t afford most of them, so I’ll just settle for one of the cheaper items” hurhurhur (with the other one being the emulsion). However, I’m pretty glad I invested in it – it’s a mild and yet effective scrub-peel that I can use on a daily basis without drying out the skin.



3 thoughts on “Review: AmorePacific Live Bright Enzyme Peel

  1. Hi, I love reading your reviews and I always buy new items based on your reviews. But, how you alternate between products or how do you know which product to use before another when they are not from the same brand/series. I have many skin care too but I am always confuse which to use first.

    • Hi Kel,
      I usually just go by the purpose it serves and the consistency / texture of the product. Even if it’s from a different brand, toners are still toners (the same applies for emulsions, serums etc), so I’ll just slot the new product into the routine I have. 🙂

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