Review: Ryeo Shampoo / Ryoe Shampoo 려

I know many people have been (im)patiently waiting for my review on Ryeo shampoos. I have no excuses for that – I’ve just been procrastinating, so bring on the rotten eggs to pelt me with. I’ll just wash ’em right out with my Ryeo shampoo and whip ma hair back and forth. Heh.  I have been faithfully using this since 2012. They are daebak max!

Ryeo ShampooTa-dah! Here are some of the bottles of Ryeo shampoos/conditioners I’ve carted back from Korea.

Ryeo Shampoo all

Ryeo Shampoo ingredients

Ryeo Shampoo all 2The shampoos are called shampoos, while the conditioners are called rinse. They also have essences, treatments (leave-in), hair dyes and more.

Now based on the compilation of my internet research and Korean translating skills, here are the various types of Ryeo Shampoos and what type of hair they suit.

  • Brown (흑운모 Heeuk Woon Mo) : Anti Hair-loss , Hair root care

There’s also  other lines but not as commonly found/used – or they could be a repackaged version of the above ones that I couldn’t find on the official website.

  • Baby pink (자생화초 생기영양 JaSaengHwaCho SaengGinYoungYang – for vitality): Natural herbs and flowers – has a very floral fragrance without the usual hint of herbs.  The entire product line.
  • Lilac (자생화초 윤기보습 JaSaengHwaCho YoonGiBoSeub – for shine ): Natural herbs and flowers – has a very floral fragrance without the usual hint of herbs. The entire product line.
  • Tangerine (흑운 뿌리볼륨 HeekWoon BBooRi Volume ): For flat hair in need of root lifting. The entire product line.

If you know how to read Korean, you can find out what type of Ryeo you’re suitable for here.  Simply answer a few questions about your haircare/ hair worries and voila!

Ryeo Shampoo types 2There’s no one comprehensive photo that showcases all their products, so I’ve tried to gather as many as I can.

First up, the most popular – Lady in Red HamBitMo

Ryeo HamBitMo Shampoo 2

Ryeo Shampoo Hambit

Next up, one of their bestsellers and my dad’s favourite because it minimises hairfall for my old man- the JaYangYoonMo in purple

Ryeo Jayangyunmo Shampoo

Ryeo Jayangyunmo ScalpEssenceRyeo Shampoo Jayang

The HeukWoonMo seems to have been repackaged, but I can’t really be sure :/  Ryeo HeeukWoonMo Shampoo

Here’s another one that seems to have been discontinued/repackaged – formerly known as ChungAhMo for Oily hair, it’s now the Deep Cleansing range Cheong-Ah range.

Ryeo Chungamo Shampoo

Ryeo Shampoo Deep Cleansing

Ryeo Shampoo Biotite

Ryeo Shampoo Anti Ageing

This black packaging is the GinsengBo (also spelled JinsaengBo) range, and I’ve finished the shampoo for this, so I only have the conditioner left.

Ryeo Shampoo (1)It has a really, really strong smell of ginseng – the kind that’ll fill the entire interior of a lift or cab the moment you get in, so not recommended for those who don’t like ginseng scents. It does make your hair really healthy though.


Ryeo Shampoo (2)

Ryeo Shampoo (3)Just to show you the texture of the shampoos (and also that green + red + brown gives you something that strangely resembles orange. whuttt?)

Anyway, I’ve been using HamBitMo (in red) for years – the shampoo, conditioner, Water Essence) . The scent is herbal, but not overwhelmingly so. The first time I tried it, my hairfall was immediately reduced by half. I kid you not. The evidence comes in the following (laundry-airing) forms:

  • Drainage pipe cover after the shower: My mom abhors it whenever there’s hair stuck there, so she forces me to pick it up everyday after my shower. I used to have to pick up quite a bunch, so I was really happy and surprised when the amount of hair caught in the cover.
  • My bedroom floor: My dad also abhors it whenever there’s dirt on the floor – I swear we could eat off our floors cos my dad’s so anal-retentive about it. I used to have to pick up countless strands of hair off the floor just so he would stop nagging me to cut my hair short so that he “doesn’t have to mop and sweep so often”. But wooo mama, ever since I changed to this shampoo, he’s stopped all nagging. Yay!

My hair is pretty healthy and has got good shine as well, although I’m sure some of it can be credited to some treatments. I do have an oily scalp though – so I have to wash my hair everyday with this. I might venture to using some other Ryeo shampoo this time round when I go to Korea though.


I’m guessing they formulated the following two ranges to cater to those who don’t like the strong herbal/ginseng scents.

Ryeo Shampoo Vitality

Ryeo Shampoo (4)I bought this one the last time I went to Korea. It’s rather lightweight and I guess it does add some shine, but somehow, my hair doesn’t feel as strong as it does with the red (Hambit) version.It smells really nice and fragrant.

Ryeo Shampoo Moisturising

All of them leave my hair healthy and doesn’t weigh it down or look flat. I wish I could recommend specifically what suits your scalp, but I think you’ll really have to give it a trial and error. Me? I just go with what scent appeals to me the most.   The usual suspects (red, black, blue, green, brown) have herbal scents, but differ slightly, while the lilac and pink ones have very fragrant floral scents.

54 thoughts on “Review: Ryeo Shampoo / Ryoe Shampoo 려

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    • Hi Amanda,
      You can get Ryeo Shampoos at places such as Olive Young, E-Mart, HomePlus, and Lotte department store (at the household area). They’re pretty cheap – I can’t remember specifically, but I think it’s about KRW8,000 per bottle (around there). The Ginseng range ones are slightly more expensive, about KRW12,000 I think. 🙂

    • Hi Seline,
      same as my answer to Amanda: You can get Ryeo Shampoos at places such as Olive Young, E-Mart, HomePlus, and Lotte department store (at the household area). They’re pretty cheap – I can’t remember specifically, but I think it’s about KRW8,000 per bottle (around there). The Ginseng range ones are slightly more expensive, about KRW12,000 onwards I think 🙂

  2. Hi Seline,
    I recommend you to buy this Shampoo on Lotte Dept Store (the biggest one right next/connected to Seoul station). Since Lotte Mart has better offer than Olive Young. I go to Korea last Jan and bought the Shampoo on Olive Young (the purple one) KRW 12.000 for 400ml free 200ml and the I go to Lotte Mart guess what in Lotte Mart they sold the Shampoo in this big gift package 3 bottles of 400ml Shampoo and a bottle of 400ml rinse for only KRW 21.000 (with this kind of bargain what can I do else than bought it ^^ so I end with 4 bottle 400ml Shampoo, 200ml shampoo and 400ml rinse to take care on my return flight~sigh,,,)!!! Also Lotte Mart has better collection compare to Olive Young, hope this can help you ^^

  3. Hi, Can you give me any recommendation for my hair..? I got very oily scalp, as I have to wash my hair everyday, and my hair is really dry, damage and it’s falling everywhere I go and everytime I touch my hair. it’s really stressed me out. I’ve tried many kinds of shampoos, but none of them work. T_T

    I hope you can give me and guide me with some information about this korean shampoo. I’d like to test it. Thank you. ^^

    • Hey Janice
      Sorry to hear about your situation. Perhaps you can try
      1) loreal everstrong tonic (i’ve done a review and it’s great for oily scalp )
      2) ryeo shampoo. The purple version is for hair loss but they have repackaged it recently so I’m not sure what colour it has become now. The new packaging has english words though. I think they also have a hair strengthening version. Oh they also have an anti hair-loss tonic in a purple bottle.
      3) you can also try the drx scalp treatment and their.shampoo (about 27 bucks for the shampoo) cos I’ve heard good things about it. The treatment should be a few hundred bucks though.

      Hope these help..:)

  4. Hi,
    I just finished my Ryeo shampoo purple bottle ( with green cap) + treatment pack…and though it does make my hair soft, I feel my hairloss has actually increased ( and hair strands got thinner)! I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, or whether it’s because I got mine off Ebay. Am I supposed to rub the conditioner/ hair pack onto my scalp?
    Thinking if the Red or Black bottle is any better.

    Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks! 🙂

    • Hi Dorothy, as far as I know, I haven’t really seen a purple + green combo bottle.. Not sure if that’s an older variation (cos the newer ones now come with English words). Conditioner and hair packs should usually only go onto the hair strands, concentrated in particular at the ends. If you’re looking for hair-loss treatment, try the Brown, Purple or Red bottles 🙂 I recently bought the White version for anti-ageing as well.

    • yes i wash my hair everyday. Hmm. that’s tough to answer cos I have very thick and long hair, so I think my rate of usage is much faster than anyone else. In any case, just judge by the ml – your rate of usage will be the same as how you use your normal shampoo.

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  6. Hi there.
    Is it okay to use a different type of conditioner from your shampoo? For example, I would like to use the Purple Ryeo shampoo but I would use the Blue Ryeo rinse. Is that okay? Or will it just cause irritation or any kind of problems? 🙂

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  8. Could you please help me how to use the Jayangyunmo set? Shampoo+conditioner+treatment? I just got my package from Korea but there is no english user manual :/ After shampoo you have to use the conditioner on you hair root as well? Or only for the end of your hair? Then rinse out, I think. The same question about treatment. I need use it to the root and then rinse or this is a leave in cream? Thank you in advance for your help!!

    • Hello! You can use it the same way as you use any other shampoo/conditioner/treatments.
      Conditions should only be applied on the hair / hair ends (avoid the roots). I usually apply it from the ears downwards.
      For Treatment, I don’t know which specific treatment you bought (cos they might have a rinse-off one, and a leave-in one). sorry ’bout that!

  9. I want to try the hambitmo shampoo, but if I only use the shampoo and use another brand’s conditioner, is it okay?Thank you ^^

    • Well technically there’s nothing really wrong about it… I personally prefer to use both from the same brand just because the scents of different mixed together might come out a little strange , especially since this one is more herbal and ginseng while other non-ryeo brands are more floral fragrant 🙂

      • thank you so much for your help.. 😀
        And, I’m having such a dull and dry hair, with oily scalp, and also facing extremely hair loss.. 😥 And I’m a bit confused, which one should I try..The hambitmo one, or the jajangyunmo one??

  10. Hi!! Do you know where I can find this online? I live in US and wanted to try the shampoo too but it is so expensive to buy on amazon.Com and that is basically the only place I can find it to buy 😦

    • Hello! I have bought on and before but I’m not sure if they ship to the U.S.. You can try those sites, and fingers crossed that they do! 🙂

  11. Just curious, have you ever tried LG ReEn Lien shampoo line? . I would love to hear your opinions on this.

      • Great. I’ll be waiting for your input. I just bought a few Ryo Anti hair Loss Treatment bottles. I am not sure how to go about using this. Is this a hair pack to use after shampoo and conditioning? How often do I use this product in a week? Thank you so much.

      • Hair pack is korean lingo for hair mask – once or twice a week will be fine. It depends on the product description – some may say to use in place of your usual conditioner while others will say use on dry hair. 🙂

  12. hiii thanks for the review; for the water essence product, is the same as the ham bit concentrated treatment, and are both risne off or leave in?

  13. hi! I am a guy and I bought the ryo anti-hair loss shampoo, treatment and essence, although the bottles are different from the one you posted. it’s in korean though… how do i use the treatment and the essence? thank you!

    • Hello! if I’m not wrong, the treatment should be used 1-2x a week in place of the usual conditioner (avoid the scalp), while the essence is a leave-on product. I can’t be 100% sure because I’m not particularly sure which product you’re referring to though.

  14. Hello: I’ve been using the Ryeo Jayang series and my hair has actually been falling off a lot. How is this possible for an anti hair loss shampoo?

    • Hi Tifa, Sorry to hear that~ I am unable to answer your question cos products always work differently for different people. For my dad it works well, but perhaps for you, it may not be compatible with various parts of your life – perhaps your lifestyle, stress levels, scalp type, genetic composition, climate, weather, food choices, etc etc. It’s the same with skincare products – one might find it very good while another may not see any effects at all. Generally you need to observe and gauge the effects, and if it’s not working well for you, try to isolate the factors that might be affecting the efficacy of the product. Eg if you’re really stressed or not eating the right amount of nutrition, your hair might fall out more. If it’s none of those, then my guess is that the shampoo doesn’t suit you, and you can try another product from this brand, or other brands even 🙂 good luck!

  15. Hi, I just bought the treatment in red bottle (for thin and damage care). Do you know how to use it? I mean should I use it before or after conditioner, or replace the conditioner. And how often should I use it 😀

    • In general, treatment should be used about 1-2x a week in the place of conditioner (but if the hair is in more serious need of conditioner, then perhaps 3x a week?) That said, I’m not too sure about Ryeo’s Treatment though, cos I’ve never used it before.

  16. Have you used the root volume shampoo and rinse? Do you know where I could purchase the root volume one in the states or online?

    • hello! I have not used those two though. Unfortunately the only place I know is through GMarket. you might have to use a forwarder if the seller doesn’t ship to where you are.. good luck 🙂

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  19. Pingback: Review: Getting some seriously luxe pampering at The Shilla Beauty Loft at Changi Airport Terminal 3 | beautifulbuns : a beauty, travel & lifestyle blog

  20. Hi. I am suffering from hair loss and my hair is slightly damaged as well. It never becomes very soft and flexible and even the little softness disapears after one day. I want to know which colour you want to recommend. i would prefer the fragrant ones but would they help my hair loss and other problems?

    • Hi I’m guessing you can try the purple one for hair loss (cos that’s what my dad uses), and it does help hair fall to lessen. I think it helps in scalp care, which should naturally result in softer hair. You can try getting conditioners or hair masks too.

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