Review: Ma Cherie End Cure Milk

Time does heal everything, including over-permed frizzed out maggi mee hair. Note to self and everyone else – do not indulge that itchy backside and perm your hair twice in a span of 6 months. It does not end well. Hah.

After a year of bitching, moaning, whining and resisting Jei’s efforts to chop off the damaged ends, my hair has finally, finally grown out. There’s about 3-5 more inches of bad hair, but hey, now that people are asking “Did you straighten your hair? So nice and straight!”, I assume that my hair has put its hay-like past behind it. However, the ends still require some work, which is why this product comes in handy.

Ma Cherie Hair End MilkMa Cherie End Cure Milk – $16.90

Ma Cherie Hair End Milk (1)

Ma Cherie Hair End Milk (2)

Ma Cherie Hair End Milk (3

I say…

Well, the results are pretty obvious aren’t they? Despite the bad lighting, you can see the distinct differences in both sides.

  • It comes in a curved standing tube in a handy size , about 13 cm tall, and has  a flip-open cover.
  • Thankfully, the product is viscous enough to not ooze out the moment you open the cap, and yet is still easy to squeeze out.
  • Although it’s labelled as a “milk”, it’s really more of a gel-cream.
  • It seems to have a water base, cos when I squeeze a pea-sized blob onto my finger tip, I can see it begin to slide downnnnn.
  • It’s very quickly absorbed into my hair (not sure if it has anything to do with them being so dry and parched).
  • Oh wait, did I mention that it smells sooooo nice? The fruity fragrance isn’t overpowering, but slowly emanates up from my hair ends. Naise.
  • Back to the texture – it leaves my hair ends looking more healthy and shiny without weighing them down.
  • It doesn’t clump up my hair or make it sticky – I can still run my fingers through them as if I were a hair ad model hoho.
  • One really good thing is that it doesn’t leave my fingers sticky as well. Yes yes, I know, hygiene standards dictate that I should wash my hands after that (and I do!), but it would be nice not to have the overwhelming urge to immediately zip off to the toilet for once.
  • I apply it onto dry hair, but you can also apply onto towel-dried hair if you wish.
  • Check out the rest of this range (which I received last year but never got down to reviewing it cos I’m seriously seeing more products and bags than my actual bedroom floor).  #happyproblems

Me likey this product. I’ll defo continue using this till my next hair appointment in Seoul next month – I can’t wait to see Jei (and her expression) when she sees my sleek hair  hohoho.


5 thoughts on “Review: Ma Cherie End Cure Milk

  1. Sulfate free shampoos are ideal for hair, since sulfates dry hair out and that’s never good for frizzy hair. Use some oil on your hair after a shower to smooth the frizz down, not like an oily oil, you can use argan oil because its the lightest and it has more benefits for hair, it wont make your hair greasy at all.Try Pro Natural’s argan oil, it has no silicones so it wont make your hair heavy, you pump some out and use it on your damp hair.

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