Review: L’Oreal Fall Repair Anti-Hair Fall Treatment Fall Repair 3x

When I was younger than my current 21 years of age (hurhurhur), I used to indulge in lots of frivolous activities, such as insane partying and binge-drinking (yes, not proud of it), as well as constant hair dyeing to maintain that flaming shade of red. Alas, the foolishness of youth. I’m really, really glad that it hasn’t really affected the quality of my scalp (and thankfully, the damaged hairs have all been snipped off or shrivelled up and died in horror).

These days, I try to take better care of my head with nourishing ginseng shampoos, treatments from my hair sponsor Shunji Matsuo as well as occasional home-treatments such as this from L’Oreal.

Loreal Hair Fall Treatment featured


Loreal Hair Fall TreatmentL’Oreal Fall Repair Anti-Hair Fall Treatment – $39.90


Loreal Hair Fall Treatment1How to apply the treatment – one little bottle is for one application, so apply it and massage it into your scalp.



Loreal Hair Fall Treatment2

This product is clinically proven to save 1,600 strands of hair per month with its essential ingredients: 

  • Arginine to nourish the hair bulb
  • Aminexil to anchor the hair and prevent hair loss
  • Proteion to strengthen the hair fibre and prevent breakage.



Loreal Hair Fall Treatment3One box contains 12 of these little bottled ampoules, which is enough for 12 dosages.


Loreal Hair Fall Treatment5A funnel-shaped nozzle for controlled application


Loreal Hair Fall Treatment4Simply squeeze the bottle gently…


Loreal Hair Fall Treatment6… and it’ll dispense the treatment onto your scalp.


 I say… 

Now, no beauty junkie should be a stranger to the mantra “Prevention is better than cure”. If you’re already applying all the anti-ageing products now, why not apply the same theory to your scalp as well? You wouldn’t want to wait till you’re seeing a visible parting of the Red Sea (or rather, your hair line) before you start panicking right? I’m kiasu (local slang for being afraid to lose), and in this case, I don’t want lose one more strand of hair than I have to.

What’s more, I’ve recently become more concerned about my hair/scalp’s exposure to the sun’s rays – there’s spf for the face and body, but I can’t be wearing a cap everywhere. It’s so not my style of #ootd hurhurhur.

  • I love that this comes in convenient little bottles that they call monodoses- each little bottle is sufficient for a one-time usage. (psst! remember to send the little bottles for recycling!)
  • Each little bottle measures about 6 cm in height (including the cap).
  • The cap twists open to reveal a funnel nozzle.
  • Even if you flip the bottle upside down, the treatment doesn’t drizzle out – it will slowly drip out, which is great cos controlled application is always better than a giant gushing of torrents.
  • Simply squeeze the bottle gently and the treatment will come out in droplets.
  • The instruction says to part your hair in equal parts and then massage it in – what I love is that there’s absolutely no sticky feeling on your scalp / fingers.
  • For intensive treatment: 1 monodose per day for 6 weeks
  • For hair-loss prevention: 3 mondoses per week (or 1 every 2 days) for 6 weeks
  • The clear liquid is really fragrant and lightweight, so it doesn’t weigh down your hair and make it look flat. This is especially important for me since it’s a leave-in product, and also cos I like my hair big and boomz – none of that flat rebonded-hair look for me.
  • It also leaves a refreshing feel on the scalp.
  • In terms of hair loss – well, since I’m using it as a prevention rather than a cure, it seems to be working well so far. I haven’t seen / felt any adverse reactions such as itching / redness.

It’s suitable for both men and women, and is available from  Watsons, Guardian, Sasa, major supermarkets and hypermarkets and selected departmental stores.


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