Review: Ryeo Water Essence

Sometimes, things are such a staple in your life that you take them for granted – I realise that I’ve been using Korea’s Ryeo 吕 / 려 Ham Bit Mo Shampoo and Rinse (they don’t call it conditioner) 함빛모 샴푸 린스 for such a long time that I’ve never thought to review it. Check out my review entry here – it’s a really great haircare set.

Here’s an extension of the range – the Ryeo Water Essence.

Ryeo Water EssenceRyeo Water Essence – KRW13,000

Ryeo Water Essence (1)Don’t understand what’s here? Donch worry, I haz the English version coming right up 😀

Ryeo Water Essence info

Ryeo Water Essence (2)Can you see the camellia oil floating at the top? Remember to shake it before use.

Ryeo Water Essence (4)Can you tell which side has been sprayed?

Ryeo Water Essence (3)I swear both photos are taken on the same day and time – not sure why they turn out to be two different hair colours though. lol. Am loving the reddish brown done by Jei this round.

I say…

Clearly the photos speak for themselves.

  • The Ryeo Water Essence adds more life to my hair, and stops the ends from frizzing out.
  • It also adds radiance to my hair and makes it look more shiny and sleek. Note that sleek does not equate to flat – I hate flat hair with a vengeance. The bigger the better I say.
  • It smells nice and vaguely herbal – not an overpowering scent but not a succinct scent either.
  • It dries out pretty fast, so you won’t be left with damp hair for long.
  • There’s also no sticky after-feeling – you can barely feel anything there.
  • Cos the ends of my hair are the remnants of my double-perm job in 2012, they’re as close to hay as possible, and are the portions that require the most attention.
  • After emptying out one bottle by spritzing every day, it paid off. Jei actually said that my hair’s condition has improved by leaps and bounds. Personally, I don’t think my hair looks like hair still , but it does show less signs of being zombie-hair.
  • Somehow, the Water Essence also helps to enhance what’s remaining of my curls.

Overall, a product worth trying if you’ve got damaged hair like I do.


2 thoughts on “Review: Ryeo Water Essence

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  2. Thank you for this review even though it is over a year old!! Haha

    I’m so glad that you wrote a review about this line! Your reviews convinced me to go out and buy the water essence, shampoo, and the rinse ones!! Luckily, the korean markets near my house sell them. I got them for $15.99 each. I think that’s a good price…..I hope. haha

    Anyway, I absolutely LOVE your reviews! =)

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