Review: Getting some seriously luxe pampering at The Shilla Beauty Loft at Changi Airport Terminal 3

When I got my Star Alliance Gold status, my airport experience took a turn for the better with the lounge access – instead of rushing like a mad hatter from fashion to food joints, I could just saunter (with some fake swag) to the lounges for free food, and then sink my plush posterior into their plush comfortable sofas while charging my phone. Now that all sounds very awesome, but guess what? I’ve found a way to up my pre-flight game – at The Shilla’s Beauty Loft at Terminal 3.

The Shilla Beauty Loft Changi T3 overview

Here’s a little background: The Shilla Duty Free is a leading travel retailer offering quality merchandise from over 500 world famous brands in fashion, jewellery, cosmetics, perfumes, watches, etc. It has 140 International and Korean cosmetics and perfume brands (yes baybeh, besides your usual Western brands such as YSL, Bobbi Brown etc, you can also get your Kbeauty fix here, such as The History of Whoo, Sulwhasoo, Innisfree, anddd Ryeo shampoos!). The Shilla Duty Free boasts the largest collective beauty offering in Singapore with attractive prices up to 40% more affordable than in the city.

The Shilla Beauty Loft Changi T3 (13)I’m distracted even before heading to the Beauty Loft. Must. Tone. Down. On. The. Shopping.

Anyhoos, The Shilla Duty Free recently launched The Shilla Beauty Loft, the world’s first luxury beauty and spa concept in a duty free store that offers exclusive beauty services from prestige brands including Chanel, Dior, La Prairie and SK-II. Want a facial treatment to plump the skin full of hydrating goodness, a relaxing arm massage before jetting off, or even get your game face on for that meeting the moment you alight from the plane? Head on over to The Shilla Beauty Loft then!


Now you know these days, any doofus with a camera can call herself a photographer, while anyone who has a blog can claim to be a writer? Thank goodness The Shilla Beauty Loft isn’t that much of a hoodwinker – this literally is a loft, accompanied by beautiful winding stairs that ascend into the mezzanine level of beauty awesomeness.

The Shilla Beauty Loft Changi T3 (1)Located in the middle of The Shilla Duty Free at Changi Airport’s Terminal 3

The Shilla Beauty Loft Changi T3 (2)


The Shilla Beauty Loft Changi T3 (3)How gorgeous is this La Prairie Luxury Skincare Bar? And yes, there is an actual bar here that serves you basic refreshments such as juices.

The Shilla Beauty Loft Changi T3 (4)

What’s available: Facial treatments that use only top-of-the-line, signature products. Each ritual begins with the routine of gentle cleansing, mask application, facial massage, foundation application and ends with a pleasant spritz of La Prairie’s fragrance. Other premium offerings include colour matching, tailored makeovers and a full selection of the La Prairie fragrance collection.

  • Platinum Forever facial treatment: 5-20 mins
  • Legendary Caviar facial treatment: 5-20 mins
  • White Magic facial treatment: 5-20 mins
  • Glow With Gold facial treatment: 5-20 mins
  • Personalised skincare ritual: 5-20 mins
  • Complexion Perfection makeover: 5-20 mins

Note: La Prairie services are by invitation only, terms and conditions apply.

For more information: Call +65 8243 8445 or email

Hours: 6am – 1am Daily


The Shilla Beauty Loft Changi T3 (5)The brand’s first and only lounge facility located in an airport

Whether you’ve got a 3-hour layover or just 45 mins to spare, SK-II’s Pitera Lounge has something for you. Here, I had a 1-hour facial that did not involve any extraction (and hence none of that subsequent red blotchiness that usually comes with). There was a lot of massaging going on (which was shiokness max), and it’s definitely something that jetlagged travellers will appreciate and love.

The Shilla Beauty Loft Changi T3 (6)

What’s available: A variety of express 15-minute skincare boosts, indulgent treatments up to an hour long that revitalise the skin. Each treatment features the use of SK-II’s acclaimed skincare, especially the brand’s famous“miracle water”, Facial Treatment Essence as well as its iconic Pitera ingredient.

The Shilla Beauty Loft Changi T3 (7)

Note: Prior booking for SK-II services is advised, and walk-ins will be subjected to availability.

For more information: call +65 9352 3687 / +65 6241 0756 or e-mail


The Shilla Beauty Loft Changi T3 (8)The Dior Beauty House is the very first of its kind in the airport worldwide.

What’s available: Dior Fragrance consultation – Dior La Collection Privée, the most exquisite range of the House of Dior with 12 elegant and exclusive scents for men and women. This is the only place in Singapore you’ll be able to access these. Customers will also get the opportunity to explore their fragrance preferences and customise a signature scent that will accentuate their unique personality.

The Shilla Beauty Loft Changi T3 (9)

The Shilla Beauty Loft Changi T3 (10)Other exclusive services include specialised makeup and skincare consultation and express facials, hand massages and even pre-flight flash makeovers at makeup counters inspired by the backstage stations of Dior Couture runway shows.

  • Fragrance consultation: 10-30 mins
  • Flash makeup services: 15 mins
  • Dior Beauty Secrets facial service: 15 mins
  • Hand massage: 15 mins
  • Skin and makeup consultation: 15 mins

The Shilla Beauty Loft Changi T3 (11)Here I am, after my 15-min flash makeover – no filters were applied to this photo! 😀

Dior services are open to walk-in customers.

For more information: Call +65 9816 6114

Now I know I mentioned earlier that there’s a Chanel Beauty House / Travel With Chanel here too, but it’s strictly by invitation only (via the brand’s clientele database).  It’s super duper exclusive, and word is that you’ll have a concierge to host you in there, and you can pick from skincare, makeup and fragrance services.

The Shilla Beauty Loft Changi T3 (12)And voila~ that’s me looking uncharacteristically refreshed and recharged after some serious pampering at The Shilla’s Beauty Loft. I’m guessing that the next time I fly, I’ll be leaving the house much earlier just so I can indulge in the awesomeness that is The Shilla Beauty Loft (with the appropriate appointments made, of course).

Update 3 July: How’d you like to win some awesome SK-II goodies? Check out my Instagram for more deets.

For more information on The Shilla Duty Free, please visit:



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