Review: O Hui Auto Cover Cream Foundation

After my weekend trip to KL to visit my Korean friend (승렬오빠 안녕~~우린 재미있게 놀랐지? ㅋㅋㅋ), I’m convinced that everything I’ve ever learnt about geography was false. How can a country that’s further away from the equator than Singapore actually be hotter? I swear I got a tan there, despite obsessively re-applying my sunblock every hour.

It was one of the rare moments that I really felt glad about investing in a good makeup item, or else it would have all, literally, gone south in a melted puddle of goo.

o hui auto cream cover foundation featured

o huiThe entire set of the O Hui Auto Cover Cream Foundation for KRW85,000 (I think, can’t remember, will go home to check!)

o hui (1)The set includes a vibrating foundation applicator, 2 extra puffs, 1 foundation + 1 foundation refill. Major value for money!

o hui (2)Just press the tray downwards gently, and some foundation is dispensed. Pick it up using the vibrating applicator, or in my case, I prefer using my fingers.

o hui (3)At first glance, the #02 colour seems wrong for my skintone…

o hui (4)Spreading it using various methods. The colour still looks slightly wrong, right?

o hui (5)Voila! this is the actual colour – a perfect fit for my skin! Plus, you can barely see it right?

o hui (6)

o hui (7)application instructions for the tech-unsavvy

I say…

This is one of the better foundation / bb items I’ve bought.

  • The first time I used it, my friends commented that my skin looked so much better and had more glow.
  • The coverage is also awesome – no need for concealer.
  • It’s smooth and creamy – applies smoothly without tugging on the skin, but doesn’t clog up the skin pores much. At the end of the day, when I use my Biore Makeup remover wipes, there’s not a lot of product on it.
  • It doesn’t feel heavy on the skin either, despite having good coverage power.
  • It gives a slight glow and a dewy finish – perfect for recreating a kpop star’s look.
  • It comes in a convenient compact case and a hygienic dispensing system.
  • It’s also great for carrying around for touch-ups.
  • A little goes a very long way – I just have to dispense a pearl size of about 0.5cm in diameter and it’s enough for my whole face.
  • Of course, it’s also major value for money – look at the amount of products that come with! And a free refill even!
  • The vibrating applicator distributes the product evenly and gives an airbrushed finish. However, I personally prefer to use my fingers / foundation brush cos I’m cheap, and don’t like the idea of some product being absorbed into the sponge (isn’t it a waste of product??)
  • The puff of the vibrating applicator is soooo soft as well – I’d rather just use it as a powder sponge. hah.
  • This is way better than the Hera Auto Fitting BB Set (sorry Shin Min Ah , I still love you) and slightly better than the IOPE Retigen Face Fitting Auto Foundation Set (sorry Amore Pacific, I still love you).

If you’re still not convinced yet, here’s a photo of me using the O Hui Auto Cover Cream Foundation – no powder to set, no concealer – just the product alone. Sorry I’m a dipshit – camwhore act-cute shots are kept to a minimum here cos this is what I really look like in real life. heh.

o hui facePhotobombing my friend heh. Anyhoos – notice the glow and perfect coverage?

Get this get this get this!


18 thoughts on “Review: O Hui Auto Cover Cream Foundation

    • Hi hi, application via fingers gives a more dewy and glowy finish – i wouldn’t call it sticky, just more moist. application via the vibrating applicator makes it more airbrushed and matte, and I’m thinking cos some of the the moisture got absorbed by the puff.

  1. Hi!! It’s me again! Wanna ask if u are still using this? how long do you think the foundations (15mls x 2) will last? 6 mths roughly? Or as compare to the laneige cushion bb, which one do u think can last longer? my laneige finishes pretty fast for me.. hehe.. and this compared to laineige cushion bb, this is less shiny / glowy right? Cos I’m considering to buy this instead of the loose powder… lazy to apply another layer to my face.. XD one last thing is the batteries used… can it be found in SG easily? many thanks!!! ❤

    • hi hi! sorry for the late reply! Yup I’m totally still using this one. I alternate the use of this with my 10 million other foundations and bbs, but I definitely think it lasts longer than the Laneige BB cushion. However, I think that’s cos I don’t use the vibrating applicator – I tend to think that the puff will just absorb product and it’s sort of a “waste” to me. I prefer using fingers to apply.

      This has more coverage than the Laneige BB Cushion and Just one small pump and it’s enough to cover the entire face. It has a nice finish that’s a good balance between matte and glowy. There’s also a slightttttt powdery/velvety finish. I use this both at home and also to touch up.

      I’d totally recommend that you get this one – I’m not even close to replacing my first refill yet.

      I can’t remember what the batteries are – will go home and check and let you know~ ^^

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  5. Hi I am asking my friend to bought this set for me in Korea. Do you know where i could get this? In Lotte Department store/DFS section?

    Thanks a lot.

    • Hi Mandy, I got mine from Lotte Department store. Your friend can try the dutyfree section but there’s no guarantee that they’ll have it. If she buys from the normal section, remind her to claim back the tax amount. It’s quite negligible but still better than nothing 😉

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