Review: Hera HD Fix Foundation

Today I’ll be attending the press conference for 女人我最大 (pronounced nu ren wo zui da) – It’s a Taiwanese programme that tests and reviews makeup products. Well, it’s actually the Singaporean version, with local bloggers being featured – I’m hoping they’ll be better mannered than these filly-fala rude bloggers who wouldn’t stop talking at the DHC event.

I was planning to go in my usual geek chic shit, until I received this email.

screen shot of email

Now I’m perfectly fine with these types of requests, which usually come in the form of “Dress Codes”. But those are usually for parties and red-carpet events. To have a dress code for a press con, well it’s not common.

So being the vain pot I am, I panicked.  I don’t even have a Sunday best, considering the fact that I spend my Sundays scrubbing toilets, mopping floors and taking photos for my blog.

I figured that a black dress would do, along with my awesome new Jestina bag and accessorised with an awesome face. Bring on the face warpaint!

Hera HD Fix FoundationHera HD Fix Foundation in P21 Pink Beige – price unknown cos I received it as a gift. I’m gauging it at KRW45,000 and above.

Hera HD Fix Foundation colour range 2The full colour range – as you can see, the P21 isn’t as pink as in these photos.

One thing though: I don’t understand why these random sites will watermark the photos. Hello, obviously you guys didn’t take the photos. Clearly you guys lifted it off the Hera website – you have no creative rights to those photos.. how can you watermark it? Tsk. That’s why  I only watermark the photos that I took.

Hera HD Fix Foundation (1)Yet another smooth creamy texture that rivals the Innisfree Air Skin Fit BB cream

Hera HD Fix Foundation (2)Intentionally leaving the line unblended so that you can see the difference

Hera HD Fix Foundation (3)A close-up of the awesome coverage

Hera HD Fix Foundation (5)From L-R: Before application, immediately after application, and after it sets in.

Hera HD Fix Foundation (4)And voila! My face today 😀

I say…

You guys should know by now that I bring out the warpaint only for special days, and this is definitely the foundation equivalent of a bazooka.

  • The texture is creamy and easy to spread, but still feels lightweight. I love cake but I hate being caked. hah.
  • It gives a matte-moist finish but settles down eventually to a dewy look.
  • It brightens up my overall complexion – I’ve been trying on countless CC creams, BB cushions and BB creams in the last two weeks and my pal Makmak (who was the senior designer with me at CLEO) has been my eyes everyday. Even she agrees that this one makes my skintone brighter and hence, I look more awake.
  • It also gives great coverage. Can you believe that under the foundation I’ve got about 5-8 pimples festering? (no thanks to my breakout after using the Laneige Original Essence at the Laneige Brighten Up workshop 😦 )
  • It lasts quite long as well – on average of 6-8 hours, but of course, regular blotting is required since I’ve got an oily face.
  • I didn’t even have to dust on any loose powder or use any concealer – what you see on my face is just the Hera HD Fix Foundation, Etude House Face Designing Brightener on the nose bridge, Esprique Melty Cheek Stick on the cheeks, and some Majolica Eyeliner.
  • In fact, I like this even more than the O Hui Cream Cover Foundation – I guess new brooms do sweep cleaner sometimes 😀
  • My one pet peeve for this is its low SPF protection – at SPF15, it’s like pisai (local slang for nose booger). I know you’ll condemn me after this, but I have to admit that I never applied sunblock on my face previously. I relied solely on high SPF products. heh. BUT wait, hold those rotten eggs – I’m glad to say I’m now applying it religiously everyday.

Otherwise, this is a great foundation to invest in. Judging by my experience with Hera products,  I suspect that it’s vaguely pricey, perhaps in the range of KRW45,000-60,000. But hey, if it’s good (and this was a present from a professional Korean makeup artist), then I say invest in it.


14 thoughts on “Review: Hera HD Fix Foundation

    • Hey Erica,
      Don’t have to worry that much – it really depends on your skin type. I know that there are quite a few people whose skin cannot take the Laneige White Plus range. If you’ve used this range before and haven’t had any troubles, then the Original Essence should work for you. 🙂

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  6. Hello~, i was wondering if you had ever tried Hera’s HD foundation, the purple packaging. If you did, how does this new one compare to it? thanks, love your blog<3 so detailed ^.^

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    • hi hi~ it really depends. Whoo has a more dewy finish while Hera is more matte and also slightly longer staying (which also implies it’s thicker and heavier in comparison).

      • Thanks so much for replying! Looks like i’ll be trying the Whoo foundation instead. Really love your blog. Bought the biotherm CC cushion as you recommended and it was awesome. Pity the product runs out rather quickly.

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