Review: Hera Auto Fitting BB Set

My weakness for Hera has not waned off, especially since Shin Min Ah now has a new drama – 아랑사또전 – Arang and the Magistrate. Look at how gorgeous she looks, sitting in such an unglamourous pose atop a thatched straw hut!

Perhaps one day, just one day, I can become half as beautiful she is, with just the barest tint of makeup. swoons. If you haven’t started watching this, you’re realllyyy missing out.

Meanwhile, I shall continue with my theory that if I use Hera products, I will look like her… 5-10% perhaps.

Hera Auto Fitting BB Set in Shade 01 Pink Beige 헤라 오토 피팅 – KRW58,000 (SGD64ish) from

The Hera Vibrating BB applicator

Comparing with the IOPE Retigen Face Fitting Auto Foundation Set‘s vibrating applicator

Mostly the same, but the puff differs – Iope has a more common puff/sponge with the larger holes, but the Hera puff is smoother and has smaller holes which absorbs less product and is easily to maneuver on the face.

The Auto Fitting BB – it’s kind of like the Laneige Snow BB Essence Balm, but a bit more moist and easier to blend. 

The Esthetic Gel Essence – a clear, slightly thick liquid that has to be added to the BB.

Step 1: Add a droplet or two onto the Auto Fitting BB

Step 2: Use the vibrating applicator to gently mix the Gel Essence with the BB. At the same time, the sponge will pick up the mixture as well. It’s like chemistry 101 – preparing your makeup fresh and applying it on the spot.

Step 3: Apply it to your face!

Here’s how the BB looks after using the vibrating applicator to mix in the Gel Essence.

Here’s how the freshly-mixed product looks like – it’s kinda like a thicker non-fluid foundation. 

And here’s the final look!

I say…

This is one interesting product. Making your own foundation and applying it on the spot is a novel idea.

  • The final product gives good coverage (especially for the dark eye circles) and has a dewy finish.
  • It’s hygienic since it doesn’t involve any fingering. hurhurhur.
  • The pointed tips of the applicator sponge allows me to reach into the tough corners ie the nose and in between the eyes.
  • It has long staying power and requires minimum touch up. (6-8 hours is a good gauge of its staying power)
  • My biggest peeve is the battery – by the time I got it, I think the battery has drained quite a bit, so the vibration isn’t as smooth as it should be. Trying to find a replacement Lithium CR2 3V battery is tougher than you think – it’s not a common one.
  • Also, this one only comes with 2 extra puffs versus Iope’s 4. But then again, it could be because the Iope foundation is more liquid and the puff is more porous, thus resulting in the puff getting soaked faster.
  • This product also isn’t suitable for mornings when you’re in a rush – it’s like calligraphy where you have to mix your own black ink, and calligraphy is a leisurely activity that can’t be rushed.

If you’ve got the time in the mornings, I’d recommend you get this. I mean, it’ll make you turn into Shin Min Ah, and that’s reason enough for me.


2 thoughts on “Review: Hera Auto Fitting BB Set

  1. I think those style of applicators must be a new trend; I’ve just seen that Etude is coming out with one… Does it feel a bit odd applying it? For some reason I imagine the sensation to be similar to how an electric toothbrush feels haha!

    • Ah I’m not surprised to hear that Etude is coming out with the same thing, since it’s also under Amore Pacific. I hear that Laneige is coming out with one as well 😀
      To be honest, it doesn’t feel odd at all. It’s like a massage for the face, reminding skin cells to stay firm and be more bouncy. haha! plus, it really saves a lot of time cos you don’t have to use your fingers to pat and blend it in.

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