Review: Iope Retigen Face Fitting Auto Foundation Set

I’ve never been one to follow fads or trends – High-low skirts? Nahhh. I’ll end up looking short and stumpy, as if Frodo the hobbit tried to wear Gandalf the Grey’s robe. Give me my TTSS (tight tight short short) dresses or skirts anyday. Neon colours? I like them, but on someone else whom I know can pull them off. I’ll stick with my animal preen outfits. (For the non-Singaporeans, print is intentionally spelt as preen as a pun on a former local beauty queen Ris Low who couldn’t articulate properly)

However, one thing that I fastidiously follow is beauty trends in Korea – the vibrating foundation/bb applicator puff is huge these days. It’s really very exciting – instead of having to manually use your fingers to pat the foundation / primer / cream in, why not use a vibrating device (of non-pornographic origins) instead? It definitely lessens the potential of carpal tunnel and saves you time as well.

I’d previously done a review on the FacePerm Artist Auto Pat – a vibrating foundation puff applicator. Being a typical OCD who likes everything matchy-matchy, I couldn’t resist ordering this set off gmarket korea.

Iope Retigen Face Fitting Auto Foundation Set – KRW55,000 (SGD60ish)

The set consists of:

  • Vibrating applicator (with puff)
  • Retigen Moisture Foundation
  • Replacement puffs (4 pieces)

The puff has a slightly pointed tip to reach into between the corners of your nose and in between the eyes, which is better than the FacePerm’s all-rounded puff . Also, this set comes with 4 extra puffs versus the FacePerm’s 1 extra puff.

Shade 21 – Looking slightly dark, but actually blends into my skin relatively well. See below. 

I say…

I LOVE this set.

  • The vibrating puff gives a great airbrushed and almost-professional finish.
  • The foundation is easy to blend and gives good coverage.
  • The foundation also cools the skin and moisturizes it.
  • It has long staying power of about 4-6 hours. Oh yes, of course, it also has a dewy effect.
  • It’s hygienic – just squeeze the foundation onto the puff and start applying to your face. No dirty grubby fingers!



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