Review: Caolion Magic Black Powder Massage Peeling Gel

I have to admit – exfoliation is an often-overlooked process in my skincare regime. In fact, my idea of exfoliation is manually squeezing out the black/whiteheads using my fingers and a mirror. Yes yes, horror of horrors, I know. I happened to have this newly launched product sitting in my room, and based on my previous experiences with peeling gels (fast and speedy and oddly satisfying to see the chunks of gunk emerge), I decided to try this.

Caolion Magic Black Powder Massage Peeling Gel – SGD$45



I say…

The Packaging: A stable fat bottle that comes with a cap that covers the pump dispenser.

The Scent: A slight fragrance.

The Application: I applied it over my skin and left it to set as per instructions – after a couple of minutes, I massaged it, but the amount of gunk that came out wasn’t that impressive.

The Verdict: Compared with the previous peeling gels I’d tried (IOPE Moisture Skin Soft Peeling Gel, Primera Peeling Facial Mild), I must say this doesn’t quite compare up. Firstly, I’d never had to wait so long for the gel to set before being able to rub it into the skin – they’re usually more instantaneous. Secondly, despite having to wait for the couple of minutes, the amount of gunk removed wasn’t as much either – I’m not sure if it means the exfoliation/removal of dead skin cells wasn’t as thorough… hmmm. That said, it did leave the skin feeling relatively soft and not stripped dry. Truth be told, ain’t nobody got time to be sitting around and waiting for the gel to set (or according to the instructions,  “when moisture comes up” (which doesn’t make much sense to me either)). Overall, not the most consumer-friendly product in terms of usage, and I can’t say much for its efficacy either. Meh. A good ole’ physical exfoliator would work much better.

Pricing & Availability: SGD$45, Sephora



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