Review: Etude House Colorful Drawing Water Color Blusher

I just realised it’s been a while since I applied (or even tried) any blusher product – I guess that’s why I’ve been seeing my reflection rival that of a zombie extra in an apocalypse mooovie hurhurhur. Time to get back in the game with these new and limited edition blushers from Etude House.

Etude House Colorful Drawing Water Color Blusher – SGD$16.90 each

The range is pretty cute, with the concept of drawing, painting, channeling le inner Picasso (or in my case, Picass-‘ho hurhurhur)

For an enlarged version, click here.


I say…

The Packaging: A cute paint tube that’s pretty convenient to carry around. I must say that the tiny little cap can sometimes slip from your grasp if you’re not careful/if your fingers are slippery from skincare. That aside, the funnel nozzle makes for very precise application – there’s no worry about over-dispensing.

The Scent: None.

The Application/Texture: A smooth lightweight cream that spreads and blends easily. All you need are your fingertips (a brush, if you prefer), to just pat, pat, pat the skin, and you’re done!

The Verdict: I’ve got some enlarged pores that don’t allow cream-type products to sit nicely on the skin, but this one manages to avoid going down the slippery road (or pore). It doesn’t enhance the appearance of the pores, but sits nicely over the skin. The finish is mostly matte with a slight touch of radiance, so it helps highlight the cheekbones subtly. It’s also easy to apply, even for skincare noobs, so you don’t have to worry about ending up with Pikachu cheeks. It has a pretty okay wear time – I clocked about 6 hours with it fading ever so slightly (there was still some rosy flush to my cheeks at the end of the day). Overall, a pretty decent product!

Pricing & Availability: SGD$16.90 each, at Etude House stores and online at Lazada.


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