Review: Primera Peeling Facial Mild

Time passes incredibly fast (even faster when you’re older, so I’ve been told heh). It seemed like only yesterday, or even last week, when I was shopping up a frenzy in Primera in Korea, and hauled enough to get one of them free luggages. This is one of them.

Primera Peeling Facial Mild – KRW30,000



I say…

The Packaging: A bottle with a pump dispenser for hygiene and convenience purposes.

The Scent: Now this has a unique scent – it smells mostly herbal, but also has a relatively strong scent that I can’t quite place (very slightly alcoholic/acrid scent, if I may say so myself). It’s not the most pleasant of scents I’ve encountered, as it can be slightly overwhelming – it wakes you up, and not in a good way. Ah well.

The Texture: A lightweight transparent gel that spreads easily over the skin.

The Application/Usage: Apply onto dry skin, massage until you see globs appearing – yessi, these are the dead skin cells. I’ve tried it on damp skin (yeah yeah, I was too lazy to dry it thoroughly after my cleanse), and found that it works best on dry skin. Note that on dry skin, it takes a while before your massaging can yield any dead skin cell balls.

The Verdict: There are different schools of thought on the usage of peelings scrubs – me, I just go with whatever works, and this seems to be relatively effective. The skin is left soft, smooth, and most importantly, not stripped dry nor taut. There isn’t a visible whitening in skin tone as you can see ((cos it says mild peeling?), but I do sometimes worry when the results are very obvious (i.e. too harsh perhaps?). I sometimes use this for my body as well (elbows, knees, neck), and find that it works well too, leaving the skin smooth and softened. I guess this is why this has picked up awards from Allure Korea, Get It Beauty Korea, etc. Note that it doesn’t declog pores/smoothen whitehead bumps though – you’ll need a “harsher” bead-type scrub for that. Overall, a decent peel product that’s said to be suitable for sensitive skintypes as well 🙂



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