Review/Swatches: Too Faced Born This Way Naturally Radiant Concealer – 10 shades!

Although I often “blame” the lag in reviews on my products getting buried/lost in my stash, the fact of the matter is that some of them are in clear sight, and yet… I procrastinate. Le sigh. I know, I know, I shall pull up them garters and granny panties and get on to clearing the massive, colossal backlog of products. Some of them aren’t even a single-item review, like this (formerly newly launched) Too Faced Born This Way Naturally Radiant Concealer (which I had to swatch all 10 shades that are available in Singapore).

too-faced-born-this-way-naturally-radiant-concealer-1Too Faced Born This Way Naturally Radiant Concealer – SGD$44 each (available from Sephora)

too-faced-born-this-way-naturally-radiant-concealer-igTadah~ My Instagram shot of these beauties.



too-faced-born-this-way-naturally-radiant-concealer-4Click to see full size

Now I’m no colour expert, but because of the same conundrum I faced when trying to decide on my shade, I’ve listed out a description/K-chart Laneige BB cushion comparison  as best as I can – note that because I don’t have the actual products to compare side by side, these are just guesstimates based on my own 13-21 shade.

  • Very Fair –  slightly beige undertones (shade 13)
  • Fair – light pink undertones (shade 13 cool)
  • Light – slightly beige-yellow undertones (shades 13-21)
  • Light Medium – fair with beige-yellow undertones (closest match is shade 21)
  • Medium – medium/tan with yellow undertones (shades 21-23)
  • Medium Tan – medium/tan with pink undertones (shade 23)
  • Tan – tan with yellow undertones (23-31)
  • Deep Tan – tan with cool undertones (shade 33)
  • Dark – dark with yellow undertones (shades 33-35)
  • Deep – deep with cool undertones (shade 35)

too-faced-born-this-way-naturally-radiant-concealer-5Click to enlarge

too-faced-born-this-way-naturally-radiant-concealer-6Using a mixture of Light and Light Medium (so does that make me Light-light-medium hurhurhur?) – nothing else was applied on the skin except for this Too Faced Concealer – I only used a few dabs to achieve this amount of coverage.


I say…

The Packaging: A normal slim plastic tube with a twist-open cap that is attached to the sponge puff application. The tip of the application is soft enough without being overly abrasive (I just use it to dab a few drops, and then blend it out with a fingertip or makeup brush).

The Scent: A very slight sweet coconut scent (which means it might not be suitable for sensitive skintypes).

The Coverage: A creamy foundation that gives a medium to high level of coverage without being too cakey – it blends into the skin smoothly.

The Verdict: While I was expecting it to be as hydrating and “watery” in that sense as its cousin, the Born This Way Foundation, this was actually creamier (but it’s still not too drying). When you first apply it, it comes across as being “thick” and seems to promise really high coverage, but it actually blends out into a medium-high coverage level (for higher coverage, try Make Up For Ever’s HD Concealer. For less/more natural coverage, try Estee Lauder’s Extreme Wear Concealer). Because of its consistency, you don’t need much product to get a good coverage – applying too much will cause it to cake. That said, because a little goes a long way, it feels light on the skin, and gives a rather believable “naturally radiant” finish (see photos above for proof). It doesn’t oxidise much on my oily combi skintype. When used under the eye, it sufficiently covers up the dark eye circles while providing a slightly radiant/brightened finish, and also does a good job in hiding the blemishes. Overall, not a bad concealer to invest in – the only downside is that it is unable to last the entire day (perhaps 4-6 hours), and it can be a bit challenging to find your shade (for me, it’s either a choice of a fair +  pink, or darker + yellow concealer, when I’m more of fair + yellow). Be sure to swatch it on your skin before buying one.





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