Review: Bioderma Sensibio Soothing Mask

The weather’s been a bit temperemental these days – I’m having quite a bad breakout. Meh. I’d normally resort to my go-to cure-all Belif Peat Miracle Revital Serum Concentrate buttt I’ve run out of it 😦 So now I’ve got to resort to other solutions, such as this Bioderma Sensibio Soothing Mask.

bioderma-sensibio-soothing-mask-1Bioderma Sensibio Soothing Mask





I say…

The Packaging: A tall chubby squeezy tube measuring about 14.5cm tall (cap included).

The Scent: Absolutely none.

The Texture: A very smooth and lightweight cream-gel that spreads easily.

The Application: The instructions say to apply a thick layer and then rinse/wipe off the excess after 10 minutes.

The Verdict: It’s easy enough to apply, kinda like a cream version of a sheet mask. Immediately after removing the mask, the skin does feel hydrated and much softer and smoother. However, I find that there’s no significant improvement / difference in the skin after an hour or so – you know how after a facial or even a facial scrub you’ll notice a difference in the skin’s texture/radiance/condition for at least a day or so? Unfortunately, there’s none of that here – I’m not sure if it’s because this is for sensitive skin, and hence so mild that its effects aren’t that obvious… Anyhoos, I did try this out several times, and each time, I didn’t feel much in terms of effects – even during the application itself, I didn’t feel any sensorial benefits (i.e. no cooling sensation, no aromatherapy etc). Totally on the fence for this one since I don’t have sensitive skin – if you’ve tried it and have experienced better results than me, lemme know in the comments below 😀




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